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Little Daisy and Rose

They could almost pass for twins... if Daisy weren't older by a couple of years.
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Age fail hehehe
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It's been established that Daisy is a mi-(Warning glare from offstage)-Uh, I mean a "little person," but is Rose acromegalic, or is she just tall? I would have suggested Marfan Syndrome as a possibility (It can be hereditary while acromegaly isn't), but Rose seems to be too athletic to have Marfan (the syndrome comes with potentially dangerous heart defects,  meaning a carrier has to be really careful about overexerting).
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I haven't really given any thought any particular disorder.  Daisy's short, Rose and the rest of the family are tall, that's about where my thought process ended.  :)
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Interesting to note, though, that at one point in time Daisy was actually TALLER than Rose.
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pffffffzomgoodness, the adorables
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Is that the Disney land castle in the background?
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I think it's the Magic Kingdom one
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SO, at what point did they grow in different directions?
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Well, where Rose is a couple years younger, she's already growing faster than Daisy.  :)
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Very nice...great expressions.
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Daisy's the same height as now.
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Just about!  :)
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Ah, back when they got along :)
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First, ADORABLE!!!!!
Second, is that Disneyland in the background?
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One of the Disney castles, maybe the wdw one.  :)
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