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Daisy and Violet - X-Girls



A recent commission from :iconhatescomputers:, and a fun one at that.


The original request was simple - Violet as Jubilee, and Daisy as the movie version of Mystique.  That does make sense, since Daisy would likely only know the character from the films, but I thought it'd be fun to turn the tables.  Mostly because Daisy would never "dress" as a nude character when hanging out with her underage cousin (if ever), but also in small part because I didn't want to draw all those scales.  :P

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There's something hilarious about the fact that, it used to be that when parents wouldn't let their kids have comic books, the usual reason was "Comic books are bad". Now it's very plausible that the parent has a grudge against the writers for butchering his/her favorite characters XD