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I've been working in the video game industry for 10 years, but have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. Game production can be maddening, so my personal work is done either to stave off the madness, or to embrace it.

About Commissions - I will announce when I'm open, which isn't often. I'm very busy, whether from work or using my free time to catch up on personal projects, so please don't ask.

I'm the process of uploading a bunch of my old images to my comic site. One problem though is I'm missing certain details, such as whom certain images were commission by. So if you've commissioned me in the past, let me know if you'd like to be credited!
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So, yeah. I watched it, months ago. And I had thoughts that I felt compelled to commit to a video, despite my lack of free time meaning it took me far longer to edit that video together than anyone else. But I HAD to do it, because some of the things I'd noticed, no other reviewers had covered. AND once my video was finished, I realized I'd need to do a second one, because I'd left some parts out and cut others for time!
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A few months back I deleted my gallery, because of DA getting into AI. It might have been less of an issue if I were posting my art elsewhere, but I've been busy. For almost a year now, and for at least several months more, I've been busy on a contract that's left me little time or energy to draw. When I do draw, it's quick thumbnail sketches to maybe flesh out later - Another downside to deleting my gallery, is recently one of my patrons suggested I make Youtube videos about my characters. They meant it more as a way of telling some of the stories I'll probably never get to, but I'm thinking of a retrospective. The sort of thing where it would have been nice to have an archive of my oldest posts to point back to. But those posts are all gone, and there's no way to get them back. Since Tumblr's collapse, Twitter has been my go-to for posting new things outside Patreon. Now I'm waiting for a decent alternative, because now Twitter's sinking fast.
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so, um I know I might sound annoying, but would you be interested to draw twin sisters who are both wrestlers known as The Raijin sisters from eiken Together they are the co-presidents of the female wrestling club.

Rai (雷) is the ditzy and kind one of the sisters as well as the eldest, Rai prefers using holds and grapples to weaken her opponent. She wears white.

Den (電) is the more serious of the sisters and wears black. Den prefers power moves such as slams and Supplex to cripple her opponent.


here the link to see what their colors are latest (1024×768) (nocookie.net)

Did go back to the one of her breast reduction and caught her reference to making April 1st her personal holiday. Sorry about that.

Finally got to 'Daisy's Diner'! Enjoyed the old stuff as well as the new story pages! Thank you! However, I believe Daisy's breast reduction might have gone a bit overboard.

I know she's been carrying a pair of Mount Everest's for a long time. But I think she would have looked better with a pair of mole hills and not just a couple of mosquito bites. Just my take, sir.

No idea what you're talking about. If anything they've gotten bigger over the years.

Did catch that one piece where she did have the reduction operation.

That might've been an April Fools pic I posted years ago.