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+COMMISSION - seraphimon321+

By jkim910
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:iconseraphimon321: asked me to do something similar to my dukemon fan art for Clavis Angemon. As I worked on him, I couldn't help but think that he belonged to the Kingdom Hearts franchise xD

Anyways, this marks my 2nd commission. My first being a while ago for a friend :3

I hope this is to your liking seraphimon321. I'm done for today. Tired as hell. Gonna work on the hikaru painting more later
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If I were translating his attack names in English, I would call them "Sonic Blade" and "Event Horizon."
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Oh my gosh I love it!! :love: I know Clavisangemon is a part of the "Angemon" line, but does he have hair? I saw a sprite of him on DMA and saw medium length orange hair like his champion form has although it's longer and I don't think the creators of Digimon would leave an angel monster bald. XD
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not too sure. All the references I used didn't actually show hair.
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Yeah, but it would be strange if he didn't have hair because all the rest of the Angel digimon do. We might have to wait for an anime appearance. XD
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if he ever does make his anime debut, I'll watch it right away!!
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Wicked armor! Very nicely done indeed! :D
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thank you!!!
i love it. I have told you a lot of times, but i will repeat you: YOU HAVE TALENT!!!
again: thank you, thank you!!!
i hope you will accept more commissions in the future :3
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I will and I am. I have 5 slots open for deviantart users and 5 slots for tumblr users. you're the first one of any of the slots
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Cool and I see how you would compare him to Kingdom Hearts I never notice XD
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yeah. I always saw glimpse of him but never actually looked at him directly xD
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