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Heart of Stone- Chapter 1
Chapter 1- The Queen of Chaos
A long time ago before Kaze ruled over Cosium...
The kingdom was so heavy with confusion and grief that it even reached out beyond the current plain to that realm where one alliance still stood firm. The emotions were so strong they called to the beings of Chaos on the other side of the Veil, the queen herself taking personal notice. Chaos beings when in their true form appear like water that has chosen a living form, however this is not water that makes up such forms. As the name implies, Chaos are made of pure concentrated Chaos Energy that once made them hunted creatures. Now, alliances on both sides of the Veil kept them all safe...both mortal and Chaos. One Chaos in particular had been born with the ability to read the minds and emotions of those she held dear and those that remained around her. Queen Ivy, a living Chaos Emerald and the ruler of her home, detected the distress and heartache of her beloved allies Queen Athena of Cosium an
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Royal Sentiment, Chapter 12: Guilty Affection
Sleep wasn't really an option for Rouge. All night, she had trouble processing what she had done with Lancelot. Her thoughts couldn't even fully consume the sudden actions that cursed through her body. Her big turquoise eyes slightly squinted at the bright natural sun's light invading her room, 'Ugh. Please not yet. It's too soon.' She thought.
Her thoughts wondered back to her recent situation. She felt so confused: last night, Rouge felt like she was romanticized with Lancelot. The way his perfect tanned lips caressed against her hot ones, his warm hands slowly stroking her soft large breasts. A small shudder ran up her spine, remembering how much she enjoyed hearing him moaning out to her touch.
…But at the same time, it all felt unrealistic. Like something had conquered her entire being and had taken over control; in other words, yesterday didn't feel like the real Rouge.
For such a long time, Rouge has had a silent crush on Shadow and last night seemed to be her weakn
:iconsephire11:sephire11 10 14
Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: The 3 Muskeeters Ch 7
Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: The 3 Musketeers
Chapter 7
*Scene goes to Princess Amy's castle and Captain Eggman marches in the grand hallway with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles following him and Cheese was carrying the musketeer flag*
Eggman: Hup, Deux, trois, quatre. Hup, Deux, trois, quatre. Hup, Deux, trois, quatre. Hup, Deux, trois, quatre.
*When they got to the throne room doors*
Eggman: Company...halt!
*All of them stopped*
Eggman: Stay out here while I go schmooze Princess what's-her-name. *went inside and slammed the door*
Sonic: *winces from the slam* This is it guys. This is what we've been waiting for all our lives. Now when these doors open, we gotta make a good first impression.
Tails: *stood at attention with a smile*
Knuckles: *took off his hat and smoothed down his quills.*
Sonic: Now remember guys, we're on duty and this place could be crawling with bad guys.
Tails: *scared face* Bad guys?
Sonic: *to Tails* So stay alert!
Tails: *to Knuckles* You heard him. Stay alert.
:iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 9 18
The Hedgehog King Ch. 1
Chapter 1: Future King
    The peaceful kingdom of Mobodoom woke up with a shining sun, and a warm feeling of joy. All around the kingdom, all the citizens were allowed to come into the castle, and see the newborn son of King Jules and Queen Aleena, their future king.
    King Jules was a blue hedgehog with brown eyes and a tuff of brown fur on his forehead. He actually wasn’t born in the royal blood line, but he proved himself worthy when he rescued the queen from invaders. Jules was allowed to marry Aleena, who was not just his childhood friend, but also his long time love, after he was deemed as a worthy man to be Aleena’s husband and the King of Mobodoom.
    Queen Aleena was a purple hedgehog with emerald eyes and long, dark purple hair. Unlike her husband, she was born in the royal blood line, as a princess. Aleena took her job as queen seriously, and was a strong individual who wouldn’t back down when
:iconmariosonicfan16:mariosonicfan16 13 3
Sonic Underground- Back Together Ch.1
It has been a year since the Metarex. Sonic and friends are in their world and still fighting Eggman. Shadow has returned about six months ago. He just appeared suddenly, helping Sonic defeat Eggman. Didn't say much on how he got back but is always a sort of a 'shadow' in their lives. Only appearing to help defeat Eggman, but not often. Anyway, Tails has planted the seed Sonic had got from Cosmo before….  And Knuckles is still watching over the emerald, once in a while Rouge shows up and chats. Amy is finally a teenager. Grown not to push Sonic so much, which seemed to help because Sonic is VERY slowly (wow he can be slow at something!) growing a small crush on her. But doesn't show it. Sonic is…well….Sonic.
        *Just so you are wondering Sonic never told anyone that he has a family. His mother is the queen of Mobius (despite that Sally Acorn and her family are the royals. In my story Sonic's mother, Queen Aleen
:iconxpurplex75:XpurpleX75 39 12
Sonic Underworld Legions pt 2
King Sonic and the Underworld Legions
Part 2: Knightfall
Lady Percival stopped at what had been one of Camelot's many public squares, repeatedly turning and looking around in an attempt to orient herself. Without local landmarks to work with, she instead had to rely on the sun's position and her knowledge of the terrain in the distance to get an idea of what direction was which, and even then progress was slow and frustrating in the face of the rubble that she had to detour around or climb over, as well as the many cries of townspeople she was honor-bound to answer and help in any way she could.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, it took most of the rest of the day for Percival to find the working district where the two-tailed blacksmith might have been. As darkness began to fall over the ruins and with the air temperature dropping as a result, the townspeople began to gather timbers from the ruins of their houses into piles and set them aflame using whatever means they could find in order to sta
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22 Feb 2015 - Dumpy Fankids 2 by SimonSoys 22 Feb 2015 - Dumpy Fankids 2 :iconsimonsoys:SimonSoys 347 20 The Swift Lightning Jolteon by TheBlazingK The Swift Lightning Jolteon :icontheblazingk:TheBlazingK 164 16 Cat Fire Hawk by knockabiller Cat Fire Hawk :iconknockabiller:knockabiller 914 58 As a Rose Blooms by KissTheThunder As a Rose Blooms :iconkissthethunder:KissTheThunder 1,867 348
Mature content
Rodent's Royal Feline :iconww07kid:ww07kid 17 9
StS: Robotropolis ch.3 by General-RADIX StS: Robotropolis ch.3 :icongeneral-radix:General-RADIX 160 5 not-whole ffffffff by Cylent-Nite not-whole ffffffff :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 506 30 From white to black chapter 1 by zavraan From white to black chapter 1 :iconzavraan:zavraan 678 143 To Defend His Kingdom by SailorMoonAndSonicX To Defend His Kingdom :iconsailormoonandsonicx:SailorMoonAndSonicX 342 92 Hedgehunk by TheEnigmaMachine Hedgehunk :icontheenigmamachine:TheEnigmaMachine 248 60




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