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By jkemp
This one was made for a book cover (the book was titled "Un aller simple vers l'oubli" and talked about alzheimer). It's a school project, so the book didn't get printed with this cover.

You can also see the picture integrated to the book cover there : [link]

Let me know what you think.
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Very cool concept
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This piece is beautiful and powerful-- It really shows the dramatic feel of Alzheimer's Disease.
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Well thanks. I sometimes think I should to it again... This was one of the first photomanip I did, and there's a lot of little details I'd like to get rid of.... Plus I feel that the overall look could get better than this....
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:heart: This deviation has been featured here: [link]
I hope you like it (and don't forget to :+fav: it if you do)! :)
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I work in advertising and I've made a poster about alzheimer just a few hours ago; after that, I've seen your work. Now I hate myself because I didn't think of this before ;) GREAT WORK!!
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wonderfull work! and if you minimize the picture it looks like he is in a wood and when you make it maximum the background looks just like a background.
i reallly love the idea! it's going to my favs
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Thanks a lot.

About the background : in the book, the man suffering from alzheimer is a painter... when he was young, he used to paint landscapes and beautiful scenery... but as the sickness takes hold on his mind, his paintings get more and more abstract... that's why I made it that way.

Have a nice day !

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wow i didn't know that...interestring
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know what? it's just to beautyfull! everytime i see it i must klick and see it.
Pasadísima conceptualización. Me la llevo porque precisamente la memoria es una de mis palabras favoritas.
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Oh... that looks like a nice comment, but I don't understand a word... hehehe.
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you make me wanna scream.....i love this really.
i love it.
i will be in college in less than a year hopefully i get liek this.

=] thanks you are an inspiration to me
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That's a very good way of capturing exactly what Alzheimer's does. It's like the mind is just drifting away like smoke.
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a beautiful and simple completely depicts the crisis that is alheimers....very powerful indeed.
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Powerful. Frightening.
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Really love it your art is really wonderful and inspiring :+fav:
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Many thanks for the kind words. :)
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i would agree with the comment by relaxeder above,respectfully done.the smoke was a good metaphore to use.
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i used to work with alzheimer's patients as a nurses aid, so i've seen a lot of people with this disease. your piece seem respectful - yet captures the horror of having one's mind just drift away into nothingness.

did you know that if we live long enough and something else doesn't get us first that we're all pretty likely to get alzheimer's disease... kinda like the way men are almost bound to get prostrate cancer sooner or later. just a cheery little factoid to brighten your day :D
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Thanks for the comment.

Alzheimer is something I'm truly afraid of. Not really because I could probably suffer from it someday...but mainly because I fear my father (he's the model on my artwork...) or my mother might have to deal with this... It must be terrible...

Oh and...thanks for the "little factoid". I didn't know that.

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You capture part of the disorder really beautifully.
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Well, thanks ! :)
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