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What is Needed


What is Needed

Everything spiraled so quickly. She hadn't thought much when telling her family of the news. Sure her sisters would be worried? But Nadhiya hadn't figured it would have been a big deal with her mom. Nadhiya was wrong. Oh so wrong. Nadhiya had been knelt infront of her queen as she told her of the events. Her head was bowed and she didn't notice the growing look of horror, worry, and anguish from her sisters. She didn't notice the slight widening of her mother's eyes, and then the way they hardened and narrowed at her. That would have told her everything. "I just wanted to alert you so that if I am to not come home for a bit, you know why.

The gift from a Star for the Dreamer


The gift from a Star for the Dreamer

It was late in her shop as the woman known as "Ship Queen" in Mahou was organizing the books in her shop. Perhaps it was too late to be up but thoughts plagued her mind, not allowing her to sleep. More and more days recently, actually, did sleep manage to evade her. She wasn't quite sure what it was. It could be anything from her emotions, to bad memories, or perhaps even worries about the future. It was just too difficult to tell at times. Maybe even all of the above? Regardless, her mind was not stilling even when the usual attempts of tea and a book were made. So yes. Here she was, way past closing, working. At least she had been until

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