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Decided to go through and remove a lot of old pieces as a good number of them don't represent my current level correctly. I previously did some freelance work for Blue Water Productions and the title I worked on should be coming out within the coming month. I'll be sure to give out more info when I have it. Also doing some color work for Warrior InnKeeper Comics and Arcana. Been real busy lately, so haven't had much time to do any coloring samples. However, I've been given permission from Blue Water to show some of my work once the title I worked on comes out. So, keep an eye out for that.
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Figured it was about time to write one of these. Hi everyone, I'm Jeremy. I'm an alumni of Savannah College of Art and Design working my way to become a digital colorist. .

For a while my style consisted of flat, muted colors. It was only recently that I've started experimenting with more brighter colors. As I wanted to work with children's books and comics, a brighter, more saturated color scheme was needed. So I've been working toward that goal with my work.

Aside from my coloring, I also do work as a comic script writer and children's author. My original goal was to become a comic script writer actually, but over time I found that entering the publishing industry as a writer was much harder than as an artist. Due to this, I shifted gears and focused more on coloring than on writing. Now my writing has become a side job for me while my main work is coloring.

Having just graduated from college last March I'm still learning the ropes of the industry. While building my portfolio up I'm currently looking for work. It's a long road ahead of me, but I'm settling in for the long haul.

Thank you to everyone who's looked at my work so far and those who've left comments, I truly appreciate your time and words.
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