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Sweet Love
Hey everyone back with another Valentine's Day drawing this year, sorry that I haven't been posting art much lately I've been visiting my mother in the hospital due to a little mishap on the holidays.
But enough about that I'm just hoping all of you have a good day today since it's that time of year where love is in the air. But since I'll be busy today I'll make this quick.
Hope you guys enjoy my drawing had to look up a lot of pics on Google to get the roses right, and I decided to make the whole thing extra colourful this year.

So until next time cheers XD!!😁😘💞🌹
happy holidays 2018
Hi guys hope you've all had a good Christmas this year!! Sorry that I haven't been posting art in a while been pretty busy with volunteer work and all that.

anyways here's my latest Christmas art, I did plan to post this yesterday but I was to exhausted from all of yesterday's events so yes it's a day late.

Well that's about it hope you like the drawing and I'll see you all the next time I post more pictures cheers!!😁🎊🎄
Hi guys got more drawings to share with you all XD sorry that I haven't been posting art in a while been pretty busy with fudge our new puppy that we adopted recently.

Anyways so for this next drawing I decided to try and redraw frisk from undertale while I also continued to practice with my manga pens.

And as you can see from the photo the whole sketch turned out pretty well, plus since I don't what frisk's actual eye colour was I decided to give them honey/gold coloured eyes to make them look more cuter and stand out better.
The rest of the colours in the drawing were done by pencil cause I didn't have all the colours with my pens.

Welp that's about it, Hope you guys enjoy the art and maybe in the future I might post a picture or drawing of the new puppy in the house, until next time cheers!!🐱😃😆🐶
True colours
Hi guys back again with more art to share XD!! now for this drawing in particular...well I was mostly just practicing on making the a lot more natural so it could also stand out way better as well. As for the colours I'm still kinda practicing with my manga pens so blending the red and black was a real tricky thing to do.

the rest of the drawing I just coloured in with my pencils since I still have a bit of trouble with the pens sometimes. Welp that's about it, hope you like the art my friends and maybe in the future I might try using water colours for my drawings to do some experiments with the colours.

so until next time later!!:happybounce: Cute doggo Himouto! Umaru-Chan: Happy Umaru DA Change F2U Happy Love  
shout out to Jaiden!
Hi everyone sorry that I haven't been on DA in a while, I've been pretty busy with family stuff and all. But enough of all that, today for my next art piece I've seen other people making fan art of some of the most popular YouTuber's on the web and I thought I might give it a try.
As you can see here I made fan art of Jaiden from JaidenAnimations because after watching a few of her videos on YouTube I find her to be a very talented young artist who is cool, funny, and really brave, especially when she made that music video known as [Empty] with the help of one of her good friends Boyinaband who is also very popular on YouTube.

Now for the drawing I decided to continue practicing my manga pens and along with my pencils to experiment with the colours, which in the end turned out pretty well considering how the eyes and hair look.

anyways hope you guys enjoy the art, I might do more fan art of other youtubers in the future only time will tell, and I recommend for you all to check out Jaiden's profile on DA, while also like and subscribe to hers and Boyinaband's YouTube channels.

here's also a link to their music video:

Jaiden & Boyinaband - Empty (Official Music Video)

so until next time cheers XD!!!:happybounce: Hug Himouto! Umaru-Chan: Overhappy Umaru Angie (Asuka-Rain) Darling in the Franxx Icon .:CM:.little-miss-eevee 
Rin's Child hood
Hey! back with more drawings to share!! now as you can see I created another shelter drawing while listening to the piano version of the song (witch you can have a look on the link here

Shelter - ᴘɪᴀɴᴏ ᴠᴇʀ - (Cover)【JubyPhonic】)

But this time I made the girl from the video the cute little 7 year old holding her teddy bear cause...well how could not draw her! the version of Rin as a child is just too adorable to resist. I also had to look up photos on google to get the details of her hair and dress correctly, and to draw the bear the way it's suppose to be.

Okay hope you enjoy my art work and I'll be posting more drawings soon.
until next time bye guys!!Huggle! Ellie - Emoticon Squirrel watermelon pikachu   
The Easter Bunny's sweet gift
Hi guys I hope you all had a fun Easter this year cause you can never resist the chocolaty treats during this time of year. Now for my latest creation I decided to come up with a young red hair girl wearing a pair of bunny ears while holding a basket full of chocolate eggs just having a good time. I also wanted to add a few other things to make the drawing more cuter for Easter this year, but since I didn't have enough room on the paper I had to make due with what I could.

Okay now that that's done there are things I'd like to let you all know that in about 2 weeks I'll be taking a trip to Sydney with my mum for a week to help babysit my 3 little cousins, so I will try to post as many drawings on my page as I can before I leave for my trip.  

well hope you guys enjoy the drawing and have a happy Easter until next time later XD!!:happybounce: Red Rose (Meaning: Love and Romance) Icon - Rabbit  
The love and rose petals
hello everyone I'm back with another one of my drawings!! now it's that time where love is in the air and when you spend this holiday with the one who is special to you while exchanging gifts and flowers to one another.Hug 

Okay now for this years valentine's day art I went on to sketching a young girl clutching on to a heart shaped box of chocolates, being happy and over joyed with the one you love, and to make this art represent valentine's day even more, for the back ground I used a bright Salmon pink to color it, looked up some pics on google to draw the roses and petals, then I colored them all in pink and red.:happybounce: Love 

well that goes another piece of my art, hope you enjoy the drawing guys and have a happy Valentine's day!Spring Flower Bullet Valentines birb dance 2 
until next time cheers!!Ping Heart hello kitty  Cooky2BT21 - COOKY emoticon bunny - Hearts Love      
so yesterday i was checking out some messages on my computer when a friend of mine sent me the link to this video so have a look and let me know what you guys think...Stare 


If Undertale was Realistic 2 (Animation)

this adds to my list of strange bullshit that I've seen on the internet lol!!Sweating a little...  


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