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JK Studios v.3 website

By JK-Studios
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Version 3 of my studios website, just put up today. It's been long overdue for an update and an overall reworking of the brand and i'm very pleased how it's come out the other end.

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OtisBeeHobbyist Interface Designer
wow man, i really like the new site.
great job.

one thing tho...
...i think that there are too much different font appearances in the area where you've placed the news and contact details.

some are bold, some not.
some are large, some tiny, some in between.
some are black and some are teal.
besides, their overall appearance is somewhat pixelated, i think.

no offense my friend, but in my opinion that's not too easy on the eye. :hmm:

other than that i highly enjoyed browsing through your site and the look and feel to it is very professional. :thumbsup:
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JK-StudiosProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks Otis for the nice comment and constructive criticism. I've just had a good long look at it and I see what you mean.

I think you've just brought something to my attention though - I mainly use Firefox and have developed the site primarily in that, using IE to only make sure that it presents itself in a similar way (or as close as possible)

The text fonts in IE are very different and the Heading for News and Contact are extremely pixelated. I'm assuming this is something to do with Microsoft's cleartype nonsense...

If you have an ideas then please do share the knowledge!

I'll have a little redesign to try and get the different fonts, sizes and colours to sit a bit better.

Thanks again :)
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OtisBeeHobbyist Interface Designer
yeah, i've heard that IE has got some hidden cleartype setting somewhere.
however, i'm using the opera browser here.

anyways, ...i've noticed that you've changed the font apearances already and they look much much better now. :nod:
the only two things that are still pixelated are the .news and .contact headings.