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Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce the kickstarter for Lambrains issue 2 has launched! kck.st/2tEXIOI

I made all the art for this amazing fun for all ages zombie comedy comic book! In case your new to my stuff Lamebrains is written by Karen Schaeperkoetter (with art by me) and it's about a Zombie and his own ghost who are magically linked. Becky (seen here) is their old girlfriend (from when they were alive) and is a zombie hunter/medium who can speak with the ghost! I like to think of this comic as a supernatural buddy movie... as a comic... with cartoon designs. 0_o It's a silly fun adventure in Normal Illinois, (where the writer grew up) with a lot of fun references to our favorite pop culture stuff and a little bit of action mixed in there. lol Check it out and any likes, shares & support is much appreciated! - and as always Stay silly everyone. :)

made in illustrator
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Becky looks awesome!