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Story information (comic edition)
I hire people to do situiational comics in which a certain slection of characters from what ever series is picked from the list are placed in a situation where they are without food and hungry,   these 2 rule must be followed 
1.the majority of the comic page must be the characters rubbing Thier growling stomachs and complaining about how hungry they are 
2. The word stomach tummy or belly must be in every hunger complaint 
list of fandoms to write stories about
DC comics and all other media such as:
Teen Titans
Teen Titans Go
Green Lantern
The Batman
Batman The Brave and the Bold
Beware The Batman
Young Justice
Justice League Action
DC superhero girls 
She-ra and the princess of power
Samurai Jack
lion king
lion guard
Gravity falls
Dawn of the croods
Star vs the forces of Evil
Might magiswords
Loud house
Fugget about it
Marvel comics and all other media
Camp Lakebottom
Rick and Morty
Bravest Warrior
Scooby Doo
Avatar/;egend of Korra
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A game of God's
Our love burned endlessly until he blew it out
Now my Hope is ending, bound up in chains of doubt
My end time is coming Im the one who will make it start
I'm a man full of self loathing and it's tearing me apart
My future may be in flames
All in his holy name
My life is just a game, a game of God's
:iconjjwsmith:JJWsmith 1 1
Sick of myself
No way out and no way to fix this
Keep putting it off but I need to end this
I'm my worst enemy I'm the source of all my pain 
What I wouldn't give to never have a thought again
I'm sick of myself sick of being conscious and and alive
Everyday I yell to God  "Why won't you let me die"
I'm sick of myself, it's way more then I can take
I need to die, So I can forget my face
I'm sick of myself
:iconjjwsmith:JJWsmith 1 2
Star wars movies in so and so words
Episode 1 phantom menace-Boring space politics and racist caricatures do not a great movie make
Episode 2 attack of the clones-Great so Darth Vader is that whiny emo kid from High school
Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith-the best of the prequel trilogy and that's saying literally next to nothing
Episode 4 New Hope-The one that started it all and it still holds up after all these years
Episode 5 Empire Strikes Back-Do I even need to say what the twist is in this
Episode 6 Return of the Jedi-Oh if only this could still be the worst star wars movie
Episode 7 Force Awakens-Proof something doesn't have to be original to be good
Rouge One a star wars story-Awesome space battle and the greatest Darth Vader scene EVER!!! too bad the rest of it kind of sucks
Episode 8-polarizing with lots of unexpected turns
Solo-Darth maul's back tell a friend
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Serphs and more
Serph-contains everything listed here and beyond infinitely more
Ultra-Serph-contains all serphs and beyond infinitely more
Omni-infinite Serph
Omni-Omeph Serph
Reality Dream Space 
The highest reality order
the structure sources
The Whole (the true everything), Omni-Whole space
Totality of ideologies (Everything beyond the totality of idealogies is in a way part of it)
The Modal (The totally of all possibilities)
The Omni-Modal
Levels of continuity (
The Xem
:iconjjwsmith:JJWsmith 1 0
levels Of the serph
level 0-universe
level 1-multiverse
level 2-omniverse
level 3-macroverse
level 4-omnisphere (complete totality of Gods creation)
level 5-Godverse (the place where God and Anti-God originate from)
level 6- Omalph Hierarchy 
level 7-Sphere of Omalph Hierarchies
level 8-Sphere of Imagination (contains literally all imaginable by all who reside in it including all imaginable versions of itself)
level 9-Sphere of beyond imagination
level 10-Omni-Omalph level of everything 
level 11-Omni-Mecha level of everything
level 12-Omni-Omeph level of everything
level 12-Omni-Osalphic level of everything
Omni Everythings
Omni Omalph Everythings
Omni Omeph Everythings
Beyonds and Aboves
Omeph beyonds
Omacromeph beyonds
Osalphic beyonds
The Space
The Unending
The Final Frontier of Consciousness
Totality of all sets of levels
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Levels of continuity
Omni-infinite continuity
Omni-mecha continuity
Omni-omeph continuity
:iconjjwsmith:JJWsmith 0 0
Sphere of everything's and beyond
Sphere of continuities
Sphere of existence
Sphere of endless imagination
Sphere of transcendental number systems
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infinitism definitions
Omnisphere-the totality of the omni-creators (aka Gods) creation, every universe, multiverse, omniverse, and macroverse
Alpha Reality-the original reality from which all others in the omnisphere come from it is also the higher reality that God uses to run the omnisphere, the beings that exist here are only surpassed by the Omni-Creator and Anti-God
Godverse-the reality that the Omni-Creator and Anti-God originate from
Omni-Creator-The maker and controller of all that is known and concieveble by us humans and all other sentient beings in the omnisphere
Anti-God-the source of all evil and negativity in the omnisphere and the one and only true enemy of the Omni-Creator
Traveler-a being who can traverse both the omnisphere and the infinity beyond this can possibly done by sheer will power after death
Omni-Infinite-the endless everything beyond the Godverse
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entanglement of life by JJWsmith entanglement of life :iconjjwsmith:JJWsmith 1 1 urban by JJWsmith urban :iconjjwsmith:JJWsmith 0 8 non standard beauty by JJWsmith non standard beauty :iconjjwsmith:JJWsmith 1 1 symbol of our love by JJWsmith symbol of our love :iconjjwsmith:JJWsmith 0 0
I'm just your problem
Sorry I don't treat you like my father, is that what you want me to do
Sorry I don't let you decide my life like you expect me to do
Sorry I was born different and that's not good enough for you
And as for you always hurting me I guess those reasons justify it for you
Well I'm Just your problem
I'm just your problem
It's like I don't even matter do I
I'm just your problem
Well IIIIII shouldn't have to explain what I do
IIIIII shouldn't have to prove myself to you
I'm sorry I exist and that my soul landed on your backlist but IIIIII shouldn't have to apologize to u
So.... why do I want to
Why do I want to  
:iconjjwsmith:JJWsmith 1 2
villainy in their eyes
All I see is villainy in their eyes
All I hear are sentences filled with lies
All I feel is darkness from within their hearts
The very reason why
They deserve to die
Shouldn't have been born from the start
Filthy wastes of space
Totally disgraced
They should all be killed tonight
All are sinners yet all believe themselves saints
God looks down tears running down his face
I scream up and say
You made this race this horrible disgrace kill them all because they're the worst
God shouts back right before I gack I'll start with you first
:iconjjwsmith:JJWsmith 1 0
The Damnation Formula/ The Truth of Creepypastas
Creepypastas, Online ghost stories and urban horror myths designed to psychologically torment and horrify us and many of them do their job perfectly it is through them we have seen the most horrifying monsters of the modern world monsters that would strike fear in to the hearts of even the most apathetic souls in the world. Monsters and demons like The Slender man, Jeff The Killer, Eyeless Jack, Ben Drowned, The Smiling Dog, The Rake and...Zalgo. You know of them well but what you don't know is their true origins of who they are, how they got to this world, and who controls who but after this story you will and when you do you might feel an impulse to go against the warning that this story will contain. It all stated in 1999 in England, a bank worker who had been secretly embezzling money from the bank for years had unto him a email delivered with the title "The Damnation Formula" When he opened their endless lines of seemingly random numbers. He thought it was some kind of joke and de
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Hunger Contest
“I can’t believe how empty my stomach is,” Supergirl groans, and her comment is followed up by a loud growl coming from aforementioned stomach. She rubs it while wincing, but there’s nothing she can do about how empty it is. There’s nothing any of them can do about it, as she is not the only one stuck in such a situation.
“You’re not the only one starving!” snaps Harley Quinn, her own stomach growling, and she pats it as if mocking Supergirl’s actions. “My poor tummy is practically digesting itself!”
“Yeah, yeah,” says Catwoman, “we’re all hungry.”
The three of them are not the only ones trapped in this peculiar situation; somehow, a large group of heroes and villains alike have been brought here and forced to compete in a contest with a rather strange goal: they must show off just how hungry they are. First and foremost, they’re going to made to show off how hungry they already are to
:iconxcaligula:xCaligula 6 0
Reading under warm Candlelight by Foule Reading under warm Candlelight :iconfoule:Foule 18 5 Into the Bat-verse by RickCelis Into the Bat-verse :iconrickcelis:RickCelis 363 27 Total Drama hunger page 2 by Antonissen
Mature content
Total Drama hunger page 2 :iconantonissen:Antonissen 97 8
Total Drama hunger page 1 by Antonissen
Mature content
Total Drama hunger page 1 :iconantonissen:Antonissen 100 20
Cruise of Hunger
Summary: The Proud family and friends head on a boat ride to relax until they get lost at sea. Even worse, someone forgot to pack the rations long after they disembarked. Will they make it back to land before they starve to death?
Penny Proud could not believe how rotten her luck was.
Just this morning, her family went to the port, combined with the beach. She, her mother Trudy Proud, Dijonay, and her mother Sunset Boulevardez rented a boat to see the sights. High tide happened out of nowhere, taking them too far. The motor on the boat worked at max output until it gave away. What resulted was a freak accident where all four of them struck and earned themselves a one-way trip to being stranded in the middle of the ocean, left to the whims of the sea.
Which led to now.
"Oh, my stomach...." Trudy groaned, patting the distilled gut of hers. Neither Trudy nor Dijonay knew what part of the ocean they were in, and nobody had a map or person to contact. Cell phones had no
:icongrade-amasterpiece:Grade-AMasterpiece 2 0
Mature content
Total Drama Hunger Island Chapter 8 :iconchristitanzone45:ChrisTitanZone45 3 0
Mature content
Total Drama Hunger Island Chapter 7 :iconchristitanzone45:ChrisTitanZone45 3 0
Mature content
Total Drama Hunger Island Chapter 6 :iconchristitanzone45:ChrisTitanZone45 3 0
Mature content
Total Drama Hunger Island Chapter 5 :iconchristitanzone45:ChrisTitanZone45 2 0
Mature content
Total Drama Hunger Island Chapter 4 :iconchristitanzone45:ChrisTitanZone45 4 0
Mature content
Total Drama Hunger Island Chapter 3 :iconchristitanzone45:ChrisTitanZone45 4 0
Mature content
Total Drama Hunger Island Chapter 2 :iconchristitanzone45:ChrisTitanZone45 3 0
Mature content
Total Drama Hunger Island Chapter 1 :iconchristitanzone45:ChrisTitanZone45 4 0
Raven complete by addisin90 Raven complete :iconaddisin90:addisin90 3 0
Commission fanfic part 1
11:40 A.M. Beverly Hills High
Roaming inside the high school is none other then the trio of undercover spies, Sam, Alex, and Clover were running through the halls. Not because of a mission but something much worse
"L-Lets hurry up guys, my tummy feels as hollow as air!" Alex then grabbed her stomach in pain of hungry. "Hey Alex! Your not the only one starving here!" Clover shouted before her stomach growled and Clover with a blush on her face stomach rubbed her stomach hoping no one saw that. "I am really hungry, if we don't make it there soon then my belly is going to like start a riot for being so empty"
"Look guys don't worry cause we're just about here!" Sam said, they just made it into the cafeteria only to find it shut down already. They were really bummed, and their loud growling stomachs that they kept having to hold didn't help with the situation "this is the worst my belly has felt in forever" they said in unison. They then 
:iconsonya103:sonya103 4 0



Anything from the rocky franchise (including the creed movies)

Aqua teen hunger force (in fact most adult swim shows besides robot chicken)

Anything in the mcu
I thought everyone had heard



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