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PS One RPG Games Collection

This isn't any sort of art but I been meaning to inventory my games, so I did and took some pictures. I think these are pretty much all the PSone games I have, almost all are RPGs and most of them are pretty good games.

I like to collect good games of value for fun and play them if I have the time (which I don't), the process is even more entertaining to me when I can limit the cost while getting exactly what I want with everything in good condition. Not a single one of these games were bought new at retail price but I think all of them are complete except Chrono Cross (in Suikoden case, not shown), one copy of Breath of Fire IV, and Ogre Battle missing the map (sadly I didn't know there was a map until recently). I'm sure they are all in good enough working condition to more than justify their cost, and obviously I try to get the best copies I can so most are in great shape.

Some of the better games in there include: Suikoden (bought online for $9 in 01), Suikoden II: Best Game Ever x 3 (about $30 each in 01,04,05), Breath of Fire IV x2 (got them a few month ago for $5 each), Arc the Lad Collection x2 ($25 each), Valkyrie Profile ($20 in 03), Ogre Battle LE ($25 in 03), Lunar x2 ($25 each), Lunar 2 ($25), Grandia ($10), Legend of Mana x2 ($15 each), FF VII (got it last fall for $15), Persona x2 ($10 each), Persona 2 x7 (high cost $20, low cost $5, average $10 each). I did have to overpay for a few titles that have since been re-released like Xenogears, FF Anthology, & Chronicles (stupid Square), I also try to avoid getting Greatest Hit titles but since it’s harder to get PSone games now, I bought the GH version of FF VIII a few weeks ago because I didn’t own it.

There are some rare PSone games I'd love to have in my collection but don't ever recall getting a good chance to acquire, such as Tactics Ogre, Vanguard Bandits, Thousand Arms, Tales games, & Brigandine, and I’ll likely never get them due to their high prices nowadays. Some other titles I could have gotten but didn't really bother or just missed out on like FF Tactics, Vagrant Story, Alundra, Threads of Fate, Koudelka, Wild Arms, Front Mission, Einhander... I suppose I may still have a shot at those since their prices are not crazy high, but I'm not really counting on getting any of them since I don't have the time or money for it.

I don't have plans to sell any of the games I collected because I like doing it for personal enjoyment, plus I still have better on going collections for PS2, Gamecube and others systems. I heard of some other collectors with the means to get games like FF VII for a dollar on a regular bases which would be awesome, but I guess working with my own challenges has it’s fun and I shouldn’t get too greedy. I don’t think my PSone collection will grow much any time soon, though I’ll keep on collecting the current generation’s games to avoid missing out on something good a few years from now.
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SomaCruzFirm's avatar
All those P2... ur kids gonna be rich...
WarriorOfSunlight's avatar
Wooh! Suikoden 2! You played Breath of Fire 3? Probably my favorite BoF game that came out lol
tehferg's avatar
3 copies of Suikoden II for $30 a piece? JEALOUS! I was only able to get one for over $100, not original case. Aiyeee!!!
M1key445's avatar
...This is the stuff dreams are made of.
SaintBoot7B's avatar
you have 3 suikoden 2's!~ I want one!!!!! ^^; I miss that game so much!~ :(
DoctorSaki's avatar
Why would you ever have multiple copies of the same game, especially a good, high demand, rare game that a lot of people would like to have?
have you though about getting brigandine on emulator online?
BtheRC's avatar
man, now i wanna play xenogears TT^TT

i miss that game so much
Little-Miss-Mello's avatar
you honey are fantastic i hounour you *bows* i never got the original legend of mana :/ iwish it was thier in my collection xD but darling so happy to have something this sexy in gamersgallery (im another obsessive rpg gamer)
JJRRS's avatar
Thank you for such kind words, have you see most of the other games I collected: [link]
I post an update of the new games I get after 3 month
EderHotoke's avatar
I've Played almost all of them...but Hell!
you have the first Suikoden!
That's rare!! I want it!! :omg:
JJRRS's avatar
Are you in Europe or Australia? I heard the first game is hard to get there, but it's much harder to get Suikoden II in America than the first game, I really love Suikoden.
EderHotoke's avatar
Well to tell the truth I'm from Brazil \o/
here I can say that it was easy to find Suikoden II
but till now I've never seen the Suikoden I...I guess it didn't made to much succes here...that's it was so hard on finding the game..=\
pixel07's avatar
Man, some of my favorite games ever are in there, and I can't believe the prices you managed to find them for... lucky!

I finally got a hold of Suikoden 2, which I've been wanting to play for many many years... yet I can't get it to work :*(
I'm having the same exact problem with Lunar 2 x_x;
unlucky I guess.

(Geesh, that tower of Persona 2...pretty).
JJRRS's avatar
I got most of those games about exactly 6 years ago in the summer of 03 when I decided to start collecting games for fun, right around the time when the PSone was on it's way out and PS2 completely taking over, which feels a lot like now with PS2/PS3.

I am still buying PSone games but they are much harder to get now, though I got quite a few recently that I will update next month.
Megumi-Selwyn's avatar
You have....two copies...of Legend of Mana?! X_o
JJRRS's avatar
Yeah, haven't really played the game though.
Megumi-Selwyn's avatar
Really? It's a lovely game, my favourite actually.

It's so difficult to find though, I've been trying to track down another copy for ages. I must say I'm quite jealous.
JJRRS's avatar
Yeah, I haven't seen one at a reasonable price in a few years now that most store don't sell PS One games anymore, there are plenty of other games that I still haven't been able to buy though.
Megumi-Selwyn's avatar
I'm considering pawning off my FFVII to get a new copy of Legend of Mana. =(

The best games tend to be the hardest ones to come by, unfortunately.
JJRRS's avatar
You should be able to do that online, I think both games are valued around $30, so you can sell FFVII and get Legend of Mana.
Megumi-Selwyn's avatar
That was the plan. =)
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