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The following entry is a direct copy from my website post where I originally announced the feature list:…

PostX Gnu/Linux 0.3 feature list

The general goal of 0.3. release will be to continue being a stable and a robust system. The system size will also likely reduce during the development. I would estimate that the end result could be just a bit below 500 megabytes.

Below are the features, which will are likely to appear.

* Rebuild the system from source code with optimizations. THIS IS CONFIRMED
* Possibly replace file-roller with a more generic and smaller tool.

* Openbox as a default wm.

* Replace Pcmanfm with Spacefm or modified Rox-filer. Pcmanfm has some performance issues when readiing cd/dvd,

* If Rox-filer then trying to build trashcan with it.

* Upgrade artwork (create new wallpaper series, fix any odd graphical things, upgrade themes/icons)

* Replace Systemd with OpenRc init system. Systemd pulls in a lot of stuff, which is not good for a minimal system.



* Replace Synaptic with a more generic tool, which does the same via terminal.

* Remove all PAE kernel options, which cause problems with non-PAE machines.

* Replace Abiword with Pyroom or Textroom. Abiword is somewhat heavy and takes a bit too much space.

* Possibly replace Vlc with Gxine or then just build a more minimal vlc from source (very likely)

* Replace Chromium with Midori or something else. Fix no sound with youtube videos (when Bluetooth and something else than Chromium) by including Minitube.

* Remove Transmission since the package takes space and it is not essential for the system.

Some further explanations of the direction of PostX Gnu/Linux 0.3.

What you see on the above is the initial list (things are still under development). Originally I was going to put Pekwm as a default wm but since many people said it should be Openbox then Openbox it is. Currently, it seems that Spacefm should be the default file-manager since it performs very well (and better than pcmanfm)
When it comes to Web browsing I try to look for some robust and lightweight solutions. Chromium is good but it also takes way too much RAM when it is active – and this hardly remains a suitable goal for a lightweight system.

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How about Midori or Pale Moon?
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It is going to be Midori. I am just packaging the latest version now. The file-manager ended up being Rox-filer and I will make trash for it as well (if humanly possible to compile). The next version of my system will not feature usb automount by default and Simple_mount program will handle things once again. After seeing all the evil things you can do with automount I came to believe that making it a bit more manual and only something that a root/sudo can do is a good thing.

I am also currently writing a python program, which will act file-roller replacement. The program should be able to decompress tar.gz, bz, xz and zip files when done and also compress folders to archives.

The alternative for Synaptic package manager is likely to a bash program, which I write as soon as I finish writing the file-roller replacement.

All in all: interesting and lightweight programs are heading towards PostX 0.3 :) (Smile)
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Managed to just get scrollbar added. I looked tons of examples until I figured out that my "big  mistake" was one line appearing on the packing saying: False, False, 0 instead of True, True, 0 :) Got to love the challenge :D
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Programming can be picky about stuff like that, I was writing an opengl app and nothing worked because I didn't add a line to the bottom of the file.:dummy: Not one error appeared either.=P
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That is the usual story. Programming is really really hard sometimes. Still, I find it quite enjoyable because of the challenge. I just uploaded another screenshot of my file manager to be. Some ideas needed to be dropped for now because they were too hard but the overall result is slowly getting to the right direction. All feedbacks/feature ideas are very welcome. :)…
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