PostX 0.3. beta1 released

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After some really hard work PostX 0.3. beta1 is released. The system should be stable and usable - I did not encounter any serious bugs during about a week, which I used to test out the stability.

Here is a short highlight list from the Sourceforge page:
  • Custom Linux kernel 4.1.3.
  • IPV6 disabled by default (provides more speed).
  • No Systemd. OpenRC is the new init system because it fits the needs of the minimal system better.
  • Libreoffice 5: Writer,Impress and Spreadsheet
  • Openbox as a wm
  • 3 original Openbox themes
  • PostX-programs providing easy to use tools
  • System uses Alsa
  • Comes with Firefox Aurora branch browser, which can upgrade itself
  • Can be run as a live media or installed to hd
  • Iso image size is 764 mb
  • Uses startx
  • Uses ngetty instead of getty
  • Has a new wallpaper set
  • Has a nicely integrated look and feel
Before you start anything I strongly recommend that you read through the page found under the link below:…

I really need your help on developing my Linux system further. So, be kind to drop some comments below if you have anything to say.
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