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A wallpaper I made. Enjoy, comment and have a nice day.
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The walls of Moria.
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I assure you this is an artwork made by me. I have absolutely no idea what are you talking about here... it might be that I have by coincidence made an artwork which looks similar to something I have never seen or heard of.

Sorry to upset you about it... I do take copyrights very seriously and it is never an intention to copy anything.
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No harm intended, i was just saying that it looks like the walls of Moria, from Lord of the Rings.

I like it.
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It looked like you had said it looked walls of moria from deviant art... in my profile it said that you replied on "report a spam" section :)... thank you for the info. I'm big fan of the lord of rings myself which has served me as a great source of inspiration. I'm still a bit new on deviantart so maybe I'm still not reading the feeds correctly all the time :D Have a great day