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Simple Player screenshot(opinions needed)

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Here is a screenshot of my latest project: Simple Player. Simple Player is a python based music player( heavily using Pygame), which currently has the following features:

*Show / hide file manager
*Play a selected song and display notification pop-up telling artist, album and song name of the mp3
* Toggle pause / continue button
*Stop playback
*Show elapsed time as notify pop-up
* Queue a song

Sound integration with Puilseaudio
* Mute sound
* Add more sound
*Decrease sound

Now here comes the question. This project could be integrated to my Crosslinker FM file manager, so should I do it?

If Simple Player would merge with Crosslinker FM then that would make the maintenance easier. Everything depends on community feedback because either way works for me. So, let me know what you think.
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Already did some changes to the program. Now it opens flw, swf, mp4, avi, m4v and mpg files via Cli-version of Mplayer. "Simple Player" basically checks if the file is ending with the filetypes mentioned above and then opens up a new Mplayer window (which starts to play the file instantly) if the condition checks out as True. Works great :)

Edit. The gray section appearing in the screenshot is also gone now, and things look better.