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Runner-Bar v.0.1 official release

By jjposti1876
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Here we go, Runner-Bar v. 0.1 is out.

Current features include:

*Fast and easy to use program written completely with Python

* Open webpage with system’s default browser: https or http.
* Quick words to open certain locations more easily.
* Open files or folders with default applications. For example, if I type, /home/tester/music.mp3 then a file called music.mp3 will start playing with my system’s default app (Vlc).
* Can open folder locations that are typed to the text field. If I type /usr then a location /usr will get opened with the system’s default application.
* Runner-Bar should automatically quit after a command has been typed and enter has been pressed.
* Runner-Bar is uncomplicated, meaning it will process whatever you type. However, if you accidentally type something like xlc instead of vlc and execute the command then program just exits and no harm is done.

*Runner-Bar is completely desktop independent: if you like KDE or Gnome you can use those with Runner-Bar – or then you can be like me and use some  lightweight alternative instead – and Runner-Bar will not punish you for it.

Runner-bar also has info and close buttons in it and the program respects your GTK+ theme and icons.

For download and more instructions:

Go to the original release post here:www.techtimejourney.net/runner…

Enjoy and give feedback :)
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This is pretty handy and quite useful actually. I have it mapped to Crtl+alt+r in Mint currently and it is quicker than opening a terminal window just for one command. Thanks! :D
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Well, Thank you :) The reason I made it because I also thought it would be useful - and I am very glad it is. If you have any suggestions for features you might want then let me know. Currently, I am considering to perhaps add a simple music player functionality to the Runner-Bar. It is not clear if I will do so and it really depends on time. I still have a lot of coding to do in order to prepare the next version of my Linux distribution (PostX Gnu/Linux) and it will dictate some time-frames to my other projects.