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PostX Gnu/Linux 0.2.5 (Was Audax Gnu/Linux)

By jjposti1876
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Got the latest version of my distribution done yesterday. This release pulls many things together and fixes some old problems. Below is a short directional feature list. If you would like to try the distribution out head over to: www.techtimejourney.net/postx-…

And if you come up with any feedback I will surely be more than happy to receive it. :)


  • Debian Wheezy (7) based.
  • 32 bit iso image
  • Fits to a single cd
  • Ships with Linux kernel 3.14.42
  • Bluetooth and HDMI audio support with Alsa
  • Uses installer derived from Linux Mint Debian edition.
  • Comes with Pcmanfm file manager
  • Comes with many highly usable programs such as,Evince, Xfburn, Galculator 2.1, Chromium, Geany, Abiword 3 and Gnumeric included.
  • Alsa as a default instead of Pulseaudio.
  • Fluxbox as a wm, with five original themes.
  • Shortkey integration with Fluxbox.
  • Uses StartX
  • Lightweight distribution with a moderate memory consumption.
  • Irc ready with Irssi and Ircii.
  • Provides notification support for some common task: change volume levels, mute, unmute etc.
  • Build from free software only.
  • Can be installed completely offline.
  • Original wallpaper sets and artwork aimed for productivity.
  • Desktop settings are always within /etc/skel directory. You can choose to update your desktop experience when a new package replaces /etc/skel content. Alternatively, you can keep using the "old" settings already within your local user's home directory.
  • PostX has its own .deb repository, which is designed to enhance the desktop experience with alternative/new software.
  • PostX also has a source code repository, which keeps the new and also old versions available for those who want to check things out - or build something themselves.
  • Fully compatible with its base (Currently Debian Wheezy)
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Thank you ! I have already begun to work towards 0.3. release, which will probably be available in January-February 2015. I am also creating a second project, which is based on Freebsd. The project itself will have some similarities to PostX (Debian base) but will of course feature something very different since the base is BSD.

In any case if you would like to see a certain type of theme or certain type of wallpaper set or some sort of other thing let me now and I will do my best to deliver it.

One question that is already now current is this: Should Fluxbox stay as a main Window manager or should it be replaced by Pekwm on 0.3?
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Now that this one is a bit more stable I definitely need to give it a shot.:)
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And do read the wiki pages before you start. Some good information there that could help.
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There is also a more later kernel in the repositories. Meaning, a newer kernel than the system ships by default. it's 3.18.12. I had some minor problems with it when I tried to get it to work with live-build so that is why it was left out. I think I will soon move to manual way of doing things :) Remember that the system is all GPL, so no non-free drivers included by default. 
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I'm using the latest kernel in Arch, what kind of problems did you have?
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Well it was more like Debian live-build saying: No, no. I never was able to figure out what went wrong. The kernel does work in desktop use but for some reason it was having hard time with live-build system.
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PostX is a lightweight Linux distribution with a Fluxbox desktop based on Debian (7). 

By default the distribution uses only free software. The distribution can also be burnt to a single cd or a usb stick due to its small size. The overall system is designed to be lightweight and as such it uses low amount of RAM and remains suitable for an older hardware.

PostX can be used directly from a media as a live distribution or installed to a hard drive.
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