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Option 1: Audax-rocks

By jjposti1876
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My long-time Linux project to create a Debian based minimal distribution is on its "nearly ready to be released" state. Still wondering, which should become the default theme. So let me know what you think. Thank you :)
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the theme i like in kali linux (based on debian wheezy ) is called simplix
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I checked out Simplix and I am now considering on making something similar in the future (meaning minimalistic)
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What Debian version is it based on?
Will there be a live CD?
I look forward to giving your distro a spin...
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Based on Debian Wheezy. A live cd+installer in a one image. Using Fluxbox with all media keys and custom themes etc. Disabling some stuff to make it lightweight using around 80-120 ram. There will also be an extra repository for the distro, which will be signed by me. I have built quite many packages for the distribution and I will also make them available. All will probably be done in next week, I cannot be sure about the exact date but I will drop the link to my pages as soon as I am done. :)