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Audax 0.3-alpha (Longstride branch)

By jjposti1876
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Here is a first screenshot of my upcoming next version of Audax, which will probably come out as a final in later part of 2015. The window manager is Pekwm and the theme+wallpaper are still unreleased works of mine.

Audax is a Gnu/Linux distribution based on Debian 7.

If all goes well then the first alpha version should be out 12th of April 2015 (or even sooner).
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looks nice, what's the size of the liveCD iso ? i might try it in virtualbox :)
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The current live-cd, which is 0.2. and comes with Fluxbox and 5 custom themes etc. is about 504 megabytes. Remember to take a look at the release notes, where you can find some really important information.
Link to release notes: www.techtimejourney.net/audax/…

I also have a section called Audax instructions, which addresses all the things I think are important to know - so that you could really harvest all the power of the system: www.techtimejourney.net/catego…

And lastly here is the Audax screenshot gallery: www.techtimejourney.net/audax/…

Audax 0.3 will likely come out as an alpha on the 12th of April. And just to clarify: my idea of alpha is a system that is usable and stable but might still lack some features that I think should be there.

Excuse me if I made some typos in this message, which I wrote in a terrible hurry :)
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thanks for the info :)
i'll download it and try it just to see how it "feels" like, i like my current arch linux install  and i'm only  looking for other distros just for testing :)
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Testing is always most welcomed. :) One thing which you may hate or like is emefm2. Personally, I find to be the best and robust file-manager ever. When any version of Audax 0.3. comes out it will feature the latest Pcmanfm though - since for most users it might fit better. Audax 0.3. will also have the latest Libreoffice and many other features. The plan is also to keep the Fluxbox environment as an alternative and perhaps even produce 2 images, which come with a bit different packages and different desktop environments.

P.S. If you use dual screens and you dislike the idea of shortkey instructions being integrated to wallpapers you can install either audax-wallpapers package or calmwaters-wallpapers.

sudo apt-get install audax-wallpapers
sudo apt-get install calmwaters-wallpapers

I must admit that integrating the shortkeys was a bit of a miss. I will return to a more traditional way of doing things on 0.3. :)

But in any case: if you see anything you feel is off or missing let me know  and I will try to fix it.
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i tried the emelfm2 file mamager right now on my current linux distro, it's full of things i don't really need to and it's seems a bit hard to get used to, but it seems like a powerful filemanager
pcmanfm seems a better option for the regular linux user, in fact it's not very different from my favourite file manager (nemo, which is a fork that brings back all the features missing from nautilus and much more)
and btw what's the linux kernel version? i have a relatively new graphics card and it's only supported in 3.16 and later
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The kernel version is a customized build of 3.14.33-lts. I must say I am rather surprised that your graphics card does not work with kernels prior to 3.16. What is the model of it? Sometimes it may be though that distributions make seemingly non-sensible decisions and disable somethings, which should be enabled by default. If you can test the distribution and if indeed you display refuses to work, then be kind enough to send your graphics card information. I will then make certain that Audax 0.3 will come by default with a kernel that actually supports your card. :)
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it's an intel HD 4600 (hasswell)
it is partially supported and i can play some games with wine on it, but the problem is it doesn't support the VBO feature on blender (it speeds up the 3D viewport up to 10 times ) and everytime i select an object i get a segmentation fault error and blender crashes
i tried to install the open source drivers but they seem to work only for ubuntu 14.04 and not on debian (i haven't tried to compile it from the source code that time, i tried the .deb that was made for ubuntu)
so, what i'm saying is that it works for music, internet, office  and everyday use, but for something that requires some more 3D features it will give problems, but most of the users will not need it
btw here's where i get my drivers for ubuntu 14.04, it seems that they moved to 14.10 now 01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads
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Thanks for the information. I believe that large part of problems can be fixed by patching the kernel. I will of course try to build the Intel drivers from source... partly because on the software level Haswell is mostly meaning the same as "Has_hell" if things remain too outdated. It is more than likely that I will come up with some sort of solution, which will end up on 0.3. images and to 0.2 software channel. I start fixing the problem next week.
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And just one more thing. By default the live-system loads itself to ram. You can disable the ramboot by doing the following:

1. Boot the Audax 0.2. media.

2. Once you are in the Boot menu and you have live (audax) entry selected press the Tab key ().

3. Pressing the Tab key shows you the boot parameters of a given menu entry. Now, go and remove the line, which says toram . Now, press the enter key and your system will boot to a regular live-mode, which has the Ramboot feature disabled.

In case you are interested about reading more about ramboot see this: www.techtimejourney.net/the-ca…

If you run the system inside a virtualbox then disabling ramboot might be a good idea - since virtualbox is known to misbehave sometimes.

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i haven't seen this message till now
that's a good idea because i'm not giving it more than 1GB of ram in V-Box, but i might "burn" the iso file directly to a pendrive (or use unetbootin) and run it , in this case i won't need to disable ramboot since i have 4GB of ram
and btw, ram boot loads the squashfs to the ram as it is in the iso (no size change) or unpacks it before?
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Looks promising! I might give this one a try.;)
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Do so :)  Audax 0.2 which I uploaded about a month ago came with Fluxbox and plenty of customizations. If  you like, you can test out the current Audax as a live cd (I would sure like some feedback :)  ). 0.3 will probably come to default pekwm while having Fluxbox as a secondary option.
Just in case you are interested in trying 0.2. here is a link to its sourceforge page: sourceforge.net/projects/audax…
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I'll try it out.:)
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Remember to read the release notes. And if you use any other network card than eth0 be sure to read this as well: www.techtimejourney.net/append…

The issue behind the link will definitely be fixed on the 0.3 Audax live-mode.
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If I remember correctly from installing Arch, it's enp0s3.
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It might be different though since Debian and Arch base have very different things going on under the hood.
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True. Very true. What command would would I run to check the network interface?
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You managed to point out something I had overlooked (since I do this stuff manually all the time :) ) I already added to needed entries to Audax release notes. Below you will find the exactly same information:
If you have absolutely no idea what is your network card’s name then open a terminal client and type:

sudo iwconfig

The results should be similar to below (where eth0 is the wired network card we are looking for):

lo        no wireless extensions.

eth0      no wireless extensions.


iwconfig is usually used when configuring wireless cards but the command can also be used to figure out wired card locations - like above.
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The panel is tint2 and the config is an adaptation of my earlier work.
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