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The Red Fortress

By jjpeabody
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I was just messing around today and pow, this came out.  Inspired by the stock: Burg Kreuzenstein Stock 30 by AlexanderHuebner by AlexanderHuebner.  I was attempting to pay closer attention to perspective on this one while also remaining lose.
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Awesome.  I am already seeing a story unfold in my mind... 🍂
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Amazing picture. All the little details are really impressive.
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I have a question. How did you go about making the stone blocks? I was working on an abandoned church painting in a similar style until I got to the stones and hit a complete roadblock. If I was to paint it all by hand it would probably take me 40 hours to complete the painting (I'm using Photoshop). Did you use some sort of brush or texture to mitigate some of the work? Or was it just all done by hand?
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For this one, I had a brush that acted like a stamp.  You can put it on a soft light or overlay layer and adjust it to perspective.

Alternatively, you can find an image of a wall and put it on a soft light or overlay layer.  Dim it down with the opacity and soften the edges and it will do pretty much the same thing.
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hah for some reason the sandy colour of the city walls reminds me of the gerudo's fortress from legend of Zelda :XD:

love the contrast and how the maple (its a maple right? :o ?) is centered in the middle like that.

abit dark/seedy and mysterious. keep it up :)
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I always wanted to build something like this on my own property when I got the chance...I think its beautiful incorporation of stone work and nature.
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reminds me of a weirwood :)
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I could easily write books off off most of your art. In this piece who is that girl? What does the red symbolize? Where is this? You really trigger the imaginative side of a writer with your what you create. Well done.
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it remains me a very tiny little bit on one of these hearttrees from game of thrones  because it gots some mystery atmosphere around the tree :)
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This name 'The Red Forress' would make an awesome storyline for a movie or book as this as the cover. It's really amazing. Great work!!
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great work on the tree!
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Oh my! This is just beautiful!
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I download it =)
thanks for your art.
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I love the red! It gives it a really striking look. The way the light hits the red tree is really beautiful.
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somehow it reminds me of Jerusalem on its hidden parts. Love the colors!!
S-M-A-H's avatar
Really love it specially the red tree .... But can i ask what is the big semi circle on the left ?... It doesnt look like a door ....there is something missing in it ...for me i would like to see it open and see what is behind it ,to add more depth to the view in general....or maybe just make more details for the door since it is definitely different than the little ones on the right side...
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Mmmm very nice 
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I really love the general architecture. The tree and the red gives the picture another personal touch. The statue in the background looks fierce and proud. All in all, a wonderful, pretty inspiring picture!

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