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I absolutely love how this image came out. The composition just fell into place, everything just worked. The ancient ruins in the distance coupled with the mystic atmosphere. I even love the little tiny bridge on the right. Normally I wouldn't frame my composition so early. Normally, I go all the way over to the edge, but doing this way almost makes me think that there's something more that I'm not seeing. I think it adds more mystery. Then a touch of orange to contrast the blue...

Edit: So I messed around with the leaves from my original submission, made it worse, then reverted. I'm going to leave it as the original version for now and take another shot at it later. If someone has a suggestion, please don't hesitate to contribute :D

I updated it again. Special thanks to :iconpuffinpunch: to help me solve (?) the issue with the leaves.
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words cannot express the divine nature of this picture's beauty
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The depth in this piece is incredible. The tree in the foreground really helps one to feel the massive scale of the background. Genius!
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I saw this in my favorites today and wanted to fave it again. Beautiful piece
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Love that tree.
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man ! outstanding !
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Whoa, this is lovely.
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Can i use this as my wallpaper? o.o
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IHwhlwidwihwiwialwlhw AMAZING
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oh wow this is soo beautiful, I just love the colours.. amazing! (:
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Wow what a great collection of work. Very Talented and a pleasure to view and imagine. Thank you for posting some of my favorites.
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You're welcome. Thanks for taking the time to post some feedback.
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the image has a real beauty to it, very well done !
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is it ok if I use this for a scene in a short story of mine?
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Striking composition!
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This landscape is very inspiring!:D Keep up the great work!:squee:
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Very lovely. Reminds me of Skyrim haha
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This is a place I would love to go see! Take a nap in the nook of that up the river scale the rocks to the bridge maybe fish.. It's beautifully done!
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