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Healing Springs

This has to be my best image so far.  It's been a really tough couple of weeks for me and I needed to unleash myself.  I went through a couple of different elements in the composition while I was painting it, but ultimately settled on this one.
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i came from ambient empire youtube channel he did ambiance for healing springs and put this picture, i just had to find its author, this is so cool, one of best artworks on magical forest and healing theme ive seen, gonna check your other works, they also look great :)

This is enchanting
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Looks like the garden of Eden😀 Stunning!
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Perfect for a fairy glade. 🧚
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Wow! I love it.
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So beautiful...I want to be there Heart 
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OMG Oh my, this is so gorgeous. I so want to go there. Magical Heart 
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Woooow!!!It is amazing!!!
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This is truly wonderful! The lights make it seem so bright yet calming.

Is it okay if I use this as artwork for a trading card game that I'm making? I have no plans of going commercial with it, so I'm just asking to be sure.
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This is simply overwhelming.
So many beautiful details, but what i like most is the wonderful atmosphere of this image!
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Lovely landscape!  Very natural.
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That water. :wow: The rest, too, but the water looks like a photo.

I love your forests. Currently taking a look through your gallery, and I cannot possibly comment on all of them. I'd repeat myself pretty quickly. This is amazing stuff. Wonderful.
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Oh I'd love to put that on my wall, it would be so peaceful and nice
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I love how peaceful this scene is. Very fine work!
Truly one of my FAV's
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This is really wonderful. Wish to be here. :aww:
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Lovely image. Beautiful use of color and textures, with well defined features. The pond has been represented marvellously, especially with the reflection.
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The water looks so real - amazing job!
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Are we allowed to use this as a background for a 'room' on a site called Chatlands? All credit will go directly to you. The picture will not be modded, used commercially or open for the public use. It will be a background for chat avatars to move around on. It will not be sold/etc and no profit will be made from using it. (Permissions extend to all art except ones you specifically deny me permission to use. I will comment on each one I use if permission is granted)

This is so beautiful.
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