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Fantasy Vines

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ohh ike my dreams 
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Oh, men... I love those pictures where you give the impression, that nature is the best architect eeeeeeeeeever :) Most beautiful - even the signature in the right colour :) :P
Ah, purple is my favourite colour by the way :)
QuirkyBrainiac's avatar
Where do you think the stairs lead?
QuirkyBrainiac's avatar
Really?  :iconthinkingplz: Interesting proposition...
SheeroChana's avatar
The flowers really add something ! I love it <3
RosieLilyIce93's avatar
Truly amazing! I love the misty light
IpomeaTricolor's avatar
Omg..... I can't believe it... it is gorgeous somehow and magical and just great :D
Gavryll's avatar
Love the flowers touch
Salar37's avatar
I love the hazy lighting. Looks like a fairy forest :)
Matsuemon's avatar
Another awesome painting. Very cool atmosphere
joelpear's avatar
Very nice. Nice use of light. Reminds me of James Paick tutorial in Imagine fx. Like the pallette to.
ArmerSchwarzerKater's avatar
Absolutely stunning, so beautiful...:love:
LeDaverix's avatar
beautiful forest sight,.. but actually a foresters nightmare ^^
GiraffeTreeMimi's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous, it's like something straight out of a fairytale :)
Madytao's avatar
Wow amazing work
love colors and magical atmosphere :love:
Coccineus's avatar
I love your digital paintings :heart:
Do you think one could do that with the ipad finger painting app? (yes that's a serious question)
jjpeabody's avatar
no idea.  Though, I have found that once you've learned the tool, you can pretty much do anything. 
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