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Encountering the Frost Giants

Inspired by Alan Kingwell, Game of Thrones, and Skyrim.
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I bought a print of this! It's beautiful! :heart:
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Oh wow, this is amazing.
But, it's probably about to be a bad day.
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Hi! This work has been featured here… :hug: :heart:
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This is absolutely wonderful. I love it. Great job.
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The water looks like a photo!
I love the hazy effect, it makes the whole thing look more cold :)
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the.. the.. the water.. is perfect... <3
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I love this. It instantly made me feel like I was in the picture.
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Nice :) What would YOU do if you met one?
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Great job on the sense of depth by using the haze!
The water looks incredible and I am quite impressed by it along with it's reflections. They look absolutely stunning. You did a good job capturing the grandeur of the frost giant and the environment is well crafted. However, the giant himself seems a bit disproportionate. I believe this is because of the rock in front of his body. Being off in the distance it became blurred due to your effect. So at first glance the light part of the rock seems not to be a rock at all but a space between two legs and therefore makes his legs seem far to short. This, of course, is noting major and I am not pointing it out to "nit pick" or put down your art. You have been improving consistently in my opinion so I say this in hopes that it will help you further. Consider placement always. Putting one thing in the wrong spot can throw off an entire image just as that stone is throwing off the frost giant. Just the same, putting one thing in the right spot can make an image even more amazing. Keep in mind your placement and you may improve even further.
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Thanks for the feedback.  I appreciate it.
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It reminds Attack on Titan too
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Really wonderful. I like how you've established the figures and trees in the foreground but ensured the giants are out in the open and lit by daylight, but the glare obscures them slightly.
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Very well constructed! Lovely details, lighting and composition. Beautiful :)
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man... this is amazing. I love this O_O .. however... o.o the frost giant kinda looks like Jesus
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