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City on the Mountain

Let me know what you think!
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the lone traveller, off to his/her next adventure..lovely
TheBoyWhoCriedPanda's avatar
B-e-a-utiful perspective 
Brandoch-Daha's avatar
Mountain and atmospheric effect is really wonderful.
SchattenLotus's avatar
Dovahkiin Dovahkiin - naal ok zin los vahriin!
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!!

Yeah, the city really reminds of Windhelm from Skyrim
Dok-aLeXa's avatar
Really enjoying the "story" happenin' here.
The light on the edge of the mountain, just near the city, is to die for. :aww:
gusLw's avatar
Nice work! Great colors, cool composition and aslo like the action/movment in the picture! :)
SeriousGamer753's avatar
I really really like this one because of the atmosphere and makes me want to go hop on a horse myself and set on an adventure to the city on the mountain :D very nice !!!
Beautiful. Your light is fantastic.
Spidey1974's avatar
The lighting and perspective are fantastic!
JM-i2's avatar
Love that one !
lil-Mickey's avatar
Very cool!! I really like the lighting and the angle, well done!! :clap:
WillowsAtSunset's avatar
Immediately makes you wonder who the rider is, why the city is there, who lives there - very tantalising. :)
Sloppypen's avatar
Absolutely stunning! Teach me Senpai!
hobbitshire's avatar
Lovely detail and colors.
ZitFarm's avatar
This painting reminds me of:  "If you are bored of brawling with thieves and want to achieve something, there is a rare blue flower that grows on the eastern slopes. Pick one of these flowers. If you can carry it to the top of the mountain, you may find what you were looking for in the first place." - Batman Begins
Emlis's avatar
Very pretty, especially light effects
Z1aR0's avatar
Absolutely amazing!
saperka99's avatar
Great work! Love the perspective.
Pimpernel's avatar
I say, mysterious and interesting.
I like how the city in the background is sort of faded out, it makes it even more mysterious.
Ranttutar's avatar
First I noticed the rider and the horse, but the light of the sky (and maybe the title too) draws all attention to the right side of the painting, wich kinda makes you face the same direction with the rider. That's a cool effect. :)

Other thing worth of mentioning is how you use brightness of colors to create depth. Adding something (like a leaf or a stone for example) very close to the "camera" might highlight the sense of depth even more. Allthough, when there is something really close to the camera, it makes the wathcers feel like they were hiding from the rider behind the leaf/rock.

Also, the perspective makes me think, that I'm a gold coin, that fell off from the riders pocket.

... So, that's what I think. Sorry if I'm not making any sense.
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