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Bard of the Diamond Inn

By jjpeabody
I use to play a bard a long, long time ago.  I loved playing the bard.  He would use his drums, flute, the lute to spin various enchantments on those around him while in battle.  While not very practical to be playing and fighting at the same time, I envision a world where instead of magic, his travels are what gives him his seemingly supernatural power as he's able to easily overcome his foes.  He's a student of life and of the world.  His scenes are sharp and his eyes are ever observant.  This is the Bard of the Diamond Inn.
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awesome!! i really like it! :)

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Wow, this looks incredible... and the use of light and shadow is amazing!
This is wonderful! would love to feature it on the front of my website that is about my writing!
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Great scene!  I could easily see this as the start of a great adventure. 🎻
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jjpeabody I play bards all the time I love doing it. In a 5e campaign with my Tiefling Bard Lament. his more of the dark jester type. Your use of light throughout this picture you've created is masterfully done. I only with I to could play or sing a tale at the Diamond Inn!
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I like the focus! GJ!
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Awesome story and picture.
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love the concept...soon as i saw the image i thought the same thing..u shd make it..sounds wonderful
Kittie-Sorelle's avatar
Wow *_*
Beautifull ... ='o
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This is amazing. So much detail!
manowarrule's avatar
amazing!! i want to live there
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Very good inner city image. Good detail.
Pimpernel's avatar
Very beautiful and inspiring. :)
This is great. Minstrels in lord of the rings online are just like this. Anthems, songs and ballads and the enemies shudder :]
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This is a masterpiece from you! Keep going on!
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Nice! I like the story that goes with it, and the depth and dimension of the picture is just great.
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Fantastic sense of depth and perspective...LOVE this piece. 
mokwii's avatar
I wish I lived in your art!
Slappy-Snifferdoo's avatar
I like how you told a story with this picture! :)
temporos's avatar
The detail...The deeeetaaaaaiiiiiiiiillllllllllll! :O
untuox's avatar
MagooVillage's avatar
Man, i just want to crawl into one of those warm windows.
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