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A Deviant Artist melsikay wanted to use my Tavern image as a base for a 3D modelling assignment at her school. The results are awesome! Go checkt them out:

Tableview Comp by melsikay
Stairview Comp by melsikay
Seatview Comp by melsikay
Barview Comp by melsikay
Mourukatteihin liittyvän originaalinäyttelyn avajaiset ovat Turun sarjakuvakaupalla lauantaina 4. huhtikuuta. Näyttely pysyy tiloissa kuukauden. Tervetuloa. :)…
Blogissani ilmestyneet… Mourukatit -sarjakuvani ilmestyvät albumina. (Mourukatteja on myös dA -galleriassani "Purr-Meowing Cats" -nimisinä. ) :D Täältä voi tilata itselleen oman kipaleen:… ja täältä voi katsoa teaserivideon:

In English: An album's worth of Purr-Meowing Cats is out. It's in Finnish, but here's a link to the online shop anyway:…
I have a page on Facebook where I collectively post links to my new updates to dA and elsewhere. Go like it:
It was fun.. I did it with 15 other people at the Comics Centre in Helsinki. I actually finished it in about 16 hrs.. which shows. In order to prevent myself thinking of a plot before the event started, I asked on of my friends to find me some pieces of text that must appear in the comic and that I wasn't able to read before the clock started running. So yeah... You can read it here.
I seem to have lost all the hi-res versions, due to having 3 hard drives breaking down during the last 4 years and not having taken enough backups. So what you see on the web is what you, unfortunately, get. -__-

I'll have to be more careful in the future.
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New server (well, the old one, actually) and all. Here it is in it's 386 -page glory.

I have been lazy and useless and done other projects, I have no excuse for having mismanaged the site. So, sorry everyone. I have sucked. I'll have to see if I can get The Broken Mirror archives up as well.

I've been working on new things. It's too early to say much, but yes, comics stuff, a paperback one, and there will be a web comic version of the same project as well at some point. Most likely. But meanwhile, B2W. A coloured 386 -page story.. how on earth did I manage that?
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I haven't updated the Journal in nearly two years so I guess I'll just have to.

I bet my Da account is a bit tricky to follow, because the pics I post are often a bit inconsistent in regards to style, theme and technique. Most watchers have probably chosen to watch me because of my coloured enviroment paintings, but there are the occasional cartoony girl pics, portraits, pixel art, inked illustrations, vector -like graphs, speed paintings and kitteh pics thrown in as well, so I want to thank all the watchers for bearing all that miscellaneousness.

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Devious Journal Entry

Thu May 8, 2008, 12:21 PM
I created a separate DA account for my photos..

Here it is: jjnaasphotos

I've been meaning to do this for ages. Too bad I've lost most of my old photos.

It'll mostly consist of photos I took for reference and for inspiration.

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Do you have a character or a scene in your mind that you'd like me to draw? Or maybe a painting of your friend or your pet? Or a custom made X-mas card or a birthday card? Or
maybe you'll have a short comic strip you'd like to draw?

I'll be taking commissions from now on.  My Prices are very reasonable. I'm a very flexible artist and I'm open to try new styles. I can send you work in progress -pictures during the process if you wish so. :)

Here's some more of my art, some of which isn't up  on dA:

Mail me about commissions: jj AT
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Hi! Me and El's story appears on Fablewood, a comic anthology that's out now. So YEY! ^__^


Softcover, 144 Page Full-Color

FABLEWOOD compiles the talents of up-and-comers like Ryan Ottley (Invincible, Superman/Batman Annual #1), Manny Trembley (Panda Xpress, Sam Noir: Samurai Detective), Joe Infunari (Oni Talent Search, Borrowed Time), J.P. Ahonen and Sarah Mensinga (Flight 4) with talented newcomers like Chris Studabaker (Howard E. Day Prize Nominee), Kevin Crossley (Event Horizon), Axel Machain (Metal Hurlant), Joe Suitor (Popgun Anthology) and more.

Our longest FABLEWOOD story “Under the Midnight Sun” was nominated for the prestigious Howard E. Day Award. Comic legend Dave Sim (Cerebus) stated that "through a balance of pencil and ink on the interior pages and Christopher Studabaker's evocative, austere and expressionistic dialogue and narration, it's a very successful experiment."

You can buy it from here.
Yah I'm ready to admit it, JJ hasn't been updating his journal...he doesn't do journals. :p I have. ^__________^ Still, wanted to tell you about this one - we're running another Between Two Worlds competition - partly to help promote the new comic and partly because a couple of people (kjanuary and biev,) missed out on the last one. So, until 30th November, we're running a new a futuristic costume for one or more of the B2W characters. Prize is a choice of either a B2W tshirt in a design of your choosing or a custom artwork by JJ. So, go enter and good luck. :D

Shock, horror, a journal update! Firstly I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has posted positive feedback about the comic. :) Just to let you know, we're running a fanart competition at the moment, details are in the forum attached to the front page...just in case any of my talented DA artist friends would like to have a go. :) The prize is a piece of custom, original artwork and all entrants will get a bonus Kiwi mini comic, that won't be published on the site.

So if you want to enter, sign up to the forum and post your piccies in the competition thread - and of course you can feature them on your own DA pages as well if you like. ^______^

Thanks again for the comments, hope you continue to enjoy the story. :D
Hi everyone, just to let any loyal followers of my webcomic Between Two Worlds know that there is finally a significant update on the English site and more will follow over the next few days. Sorry this has taken so long...I am busy and lazy which is a disastrous combination. ^____^ Click the weblink button to get to the site.
Hi! Sorry everyone I've been so busy, I haven't had much time to comment on anything. I haven't even had much to draw anything for myself, 'cause I've been so busy doing illustrations for school books and all kinds of animation/multimedia projects. What else is new? Not much.. I'm planning to take time to finish my thesis after Christmas, so you can espect to see me here on DA a lot.. during every break I can allow myself from writing. ;) It's winter here.. it's dark and snowy outside.

I just recently decided to join my first DA club: :icontemari-fanclub:

:iconsilentkitty: asked me to give a short interview a while ago.. you can read it here: here. :)
:iconsilentkitty: asked me to give a short interview a while ago.. you can read it here: here. :)
My web comic Desert Rocks just updated with six new pages. From now on it'll update only every other Sunday at least until mid-March... Coz I'm busy. x_x

The reason why I'm busy is that I "got a job" from a 3-D animation studio. It's not a  job as such, because there's a nine month training session, where we practise 3D -Max, Motion Capture technology and all kinds of other weird things. We get a little money for the training, and we also do some projects for the company during the training, and after nine months the company decides which ones will get hired for serious work. (I don't know if they're gonna hire ME, if they don't, no worries, something else will most likely come along all the same.)

Why 3-D animation all of a sudden? I don't know. I'm interested in animation, but I've never been that fond of 3-D. (Except in computer games) I've no idea what'll come out of this, but it's fun and I get paid regularly plus it never hurts to learn something new.

In addition to that I spend most of my free time illustrating study books for a major publishing company. This takes almost all the free time I have from the 3-D animation place (until mid-November), so that's why DR will update only bi-weekly.

In other news... Last Monday I cycled to the 3-D animation place to get some excercise (8 kilometers) and the ice cold rain actually first turned into ice and then it started to SNOW! 0___0 The summers are too damn short here, I wanna move a LOT closer to the Equator. Thailand or Malesia would be nice. -___-
Alright, the Finnish version of my new mini web comic has just started at so.... enjoy.

The English version'll be online at the end of this summer, be patient. :)
Desert Rocks seems to be down more often than not... Ah well, we're working on this problem. The thing is, me and five friends of mine bought this UNGROUP domain and some server space a year ago, but now we're in the middle of the process of changing the provider, because there's something wrong with the site all the time. A while ago we found out that the server was run by some 15-year old guy... actually we never had any problems when he was on charge, but now the whole company's been sold to Estonia and we can't reach anyone by e-mail and... blah!! X__x So, we're changing the provider. This may cause DR to be down in the following days.

I hope to get those final 10 pages up before DR will go on hiatus until mid-August.

I just realized this is my first DA Journal entry. I guess I'm not really a  journal-writing kind of a type. ;) Anyway, the summer's here and I'm kinda stressed out, because this'll propably be my last year at the Uni and then I'll have to get a job starting from September... So, the sun shines, the sky is blue and I'm sitting inside hurrying up with my thesis, cursing the useless ungroup-web server, trying to look for a job and worrying about not having time to work on my portfolio. Welcome to my life. :p