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Have a pint at the Coach & Horses Inn. Inspired by various game concept arts.
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Can I buy this art to use it in my game?
please contact me:
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I would love to play a game that looked like this! So many cool little details you've put in...Each person at their table is unique and interesting in their own way. Great job on the lighting too!
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Thanks. It took a lot time sketching this one. Of course, the architecture doesn't make much sense. What's going on with the roof and supporting structures?
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Haha...Yeah I didn't even notice that until you mentioned it. I guess it would probably need a pillar or something in the center of the room. Still though, I didn't notice so I doubt many people would unless they know a lot about architecture. :)
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Beautiful, I love the stained glass window.
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Your style is so clean! I admire your attention to detail. Looks great!
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This is incredible!
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Awesome stuff
Do u role play?
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Yes, I'm currently playing a zombie campaign on Savage Worlds -rules, last year my role play group had a retro theme and we played first and second edition AD&D adventures. I've been running Warhammer Fantasy Adventure myself some years back.
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Wow, I play the 4th ed D&D
Well...I mean, Im learning to lol
I'm currently in a group on here which is epic
And I run the Warhammer 40K club at my school :)
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daaaaaaaaamn thats insanely awesome
Wow, this is stunning! Love the lighting and cartoonish style. Well done Nääs
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This is such a cute picture! They're rather nice bar patrons though, don't you think? And I feel so sorry for the man sitting alone at his table. He's got the best table of the entire Inn, yet nobody wants to sit with him, hehe. I featured this image on my blog as an illustration for a random tavern generator. Hope you're okay with the publicity. :-) [link]
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10/10 would pay rounds
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Hey, I'd drink there. :)
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I like the design of the place, it has a lot going on.:iconmonkeythumbplz:
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very very nice, love the dark shady colours and the lighting from the mosaic window. the colours are very nice, and i especially liek the shields on the wall above the fireplace and the unconcious guy in the lower right corner. :P

this picture makes me think of Baldurs gate....
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A beautiful picture, if I may say so.

By the way, wasn't "The Coach and Horses" also the name for the inn at the beginning of H.G. Wells' "The Invisible Man"?
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Different style! Would be a great style to use in a D&D campaign! Very cool
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