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Bursting with Love

Hey DV! :] Just wanted to share a wallpaper I made for Valentines Day using Adobe Photoshop CS5. I hope you all enjoyed it!!

Credit goes to:
*MadamGrief-Stock for the Ground Texture ([link])
*hhh316 for the Grass Texture ([link])
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Haaahh xDDD
I didn't even catch that.
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In my preview thing, I thought the grass was like, a reptile skin or something and got really excited.
Turns out I was completely off.
Punny title, lol
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Haha wow xD raptor skin?! How'd you get that..? And nooo really?

Yep :P I was being rushed and now I'm too bothered to change it. It bugs me that the quality was nerfed on DVA tho >< go download it to see the amazing detail~ lol (btw, the light from the hole looked really messed up, so I fixed it x])
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I'll have to look again..
And I don't know!
xD I have bad eyes.
I'll download it then~
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...I just looked back on this and realized that I read "raptor" instead of "reptile" lol. Reptile skin is excusable~ :P