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Let The Show Begin!



Mysterious lovely dino -Hey people are you ready for a show like no other, a show full of wonder and excitement, a show that a people big and small can come to this wonderful circus!

                       T (Alphabets)H (Alphabets)E (Alphabets) N Alphabets (Words)     C (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words)M Alphabets (Words)E (Alphabets)     T (Alphabets)O Alphabets (Words)   

M Alphabets (Words)R (Alphabets) . Bullet,Interpunct,full Stop,Period (Symbols)I (Alphabets)S (Alphabets)T (Alphabets)I (Alphabets)O Alphabets (Words)     C (Alphabets)I (Alphabets)R (Alphabets)C (Alphabets)U (Alphabets)S (Alphabets)   O Alphabets (Words)F (Alphabets)
                                    S (Alphabets)U (Alphabets)R (Alphabets)P (Alphabets)R (Alphabets)I (Alphabets)S (Alphabets)E (Alphabets)S (Alphabets) ! Exclamation mark (Symbols) 

                                                                              Only $29.99 per show!

SIDE NOTE- So this picture was base on this picture COLOR HIM made by this guy :iconthedubstepaddict: !
                     What was supposed to be a simple fill in the color turn into another one my dino clowns like my Here comes the Jestordon,                        if you want to check out you can go right away!

                     Oh and theDubstepAddict if you like this or don't like this picture, please let me know.
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Ew this is fucking weird