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Behold a new Wild Hero, Motor Llama!



Who that wild rascal who travel all around the world, always fighting for the freedom and happiness of the innocent against corruption and chaos, Well it MOTOR LLAMA! A new hero who has come to save us from the evil and powerful organization SMOKER.

Will he able to save the day and free the world from the clutches of SMOKER , only time will tale.

SIDE NOTE- In case your wondering about this picture and why I made it, well you see i'm a huge kamen rider fan, I love the show, I love super heroes, I enjoy the entire concept and I have a lot of fun.
The reason picture exist in the first place is because the moment I gain a super llama I got idea to make a picture called 
Kamen Rider Llama and then something happen, A idea just suddenly pop into my head and it just grew and grew and grew and KNOW I want to make a entire series base on this concept, I don't why, I just do so expect far more of this!
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