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Kid Bardock

Always wanted to make and color a Kid Bardock, well ... here you go.

Colors & shadowing made in Paint
Background made in Gimp 2.2.


Drawing made 1 day ago ...

Pose based on a Normal Gotenks from DBZ Buu Saga (when he received a punch from Super Buu in the Chamber of Time)

Gotenks, Bardock and DBZ are a property of Akira Toriyama & Toei Animation


Have a nice day !
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Canonically,Bardock didn`t get the scar until adulthood in his fight with the Kanassans and it grew along with the blood-soaked bandana after he found his crew murdered by Dodoria. 
BH-Ouji's avatar
Wait, i thought our parents started as adults, why is mr. Bardock a kid?
yoaigoddesslover69's avatar
Ahhhhh I just want to eat him up!
Mangetsu20's avatar
Kid Bardock: So his scar was a birthmark?
JJJawor's avatar
Well there are some theories on how Bardock was given the mark but in my opinion the scar was created from a deep wound he received in a fight as a child since Saiyajins (even as kids) are quite the rough fighters.
Emerald-The-Kitty's avatar
I dont think bardock has a bloody cloth ard his head as a kid, but everything els is good
BH-Ouji's avatar
Maybe he's ala GT Goku? Turned into a child
Emerald-The-Kitty's avatar
That's a good point. I didnt consider that.
metallicalover29's avatar
bardock as a kid ...YAAAAY
JRSjovandiaslap12's avatar
Wow, really good, but the bandana should be white. :D
JJJawor's avatar
If I by any chance return to drawing and submiting work here on deviantART then someday I may re-think a new pick of Kid Bardock.
Thanks a bunch for the comment and have a nice day !
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It's so cute. :3
OnslaughtOfShadows's avatar
You know, I have to say though, I don't think he got his scar when he was a kid... Otherwise this is a great picture! (He probably got it around his teen years or so)
Tanor-Faux's avatar
Hehe, he's adorable as kid. But watch his temper ^^ I like the drawing too ^^
I like it! (Y)
bbo6d4n's avatar
This is really great looking, but you know that the headband (which by the way is a piece of cloth turned red from the blood of his teammates) didn't come into the scene untill he found his teammates killed by Dodoria and company?!? I'm sure you knew that, cool design. ;)
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Zaparło dech w piersi. Co ja bym dała by tak umieć ;( Pociesze się wyobraźnia ;P
sulley1993's avatar
Bardock is one of my favourite characters in DBZ. the father of goku special is amazing. awesome job with the picture
JJJawor's avatar
Thank you ... even though the pose is based on Gotenks I now have the right skill to make myown well-made fanart so I'll try and draw him as a Kid again. xD
Bardock is the LEGEND that rocks !
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for all the power you may have
it´s much better by far
to young at heart
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He's so cute, awesome job! <3
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