a sad and kind of important journal

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By Jjinomu
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gee whiz i was debating whether or now i should make a journal about this on dA because of how much more of a following i have here than on tumblr,
but if you follow me on tumblr u already know what i'm about to say, so i'm basically just gonna repeat but like shorter and subtler and not as emotional probably
also warning bc emotional and if u aint down for emotional jjinomu- then its probs a good place now to click away and just know that i am gon' b inactive a bit more ehe

anyway hi deviantart family, it is I, ya weeb jjinomu
i am here to tell y'all that i mmmmiiiight not be as active,,,,, in terms of replying,,,,,, as i wanted to be...... come the end of my first year of uni

AND the reason for that is that my well, my little brother recently passed away on friday after 13 years of having this brain disorder and a whole bunch of other bullshit that's been hurting him for his whole entire life,
i know that's probably like WHOA WHAT where did this come from, because i know i'm not like suuuper personal here or anywhere, idk i don't like talking about personal shit at all so please excuse me for suddenly being like this............
but like this is important to me, and me running jjinomu is also important to me, and all of you guys are important to me, so i guess it's.... okay for me to let you guys know that this bS is happening right now

anyway, due to this,,,, event............ i'll be putting on hold all my commissions, soooo if you have previously requested a commission, please feel free to let me know if you wanna cancel or whatever, i've not let anyone pay me until my hiatus ended but considering the circumstance, my hiatus is gonna be extended for as long...... as it takes for me to recover i guess, so if you wanna cancel and go seek someone else, feel free to let me know and i can redirect you to some cool peeps as well!! 

perhaps i will let someone (may) take over my account for a bit to respond to any notes asking for permission or stuff like that but for now i don't wanna hassle may sooo if y'all see anything shady please just tell ppl like hey mAn Chill
idk what im saying um
i still have many plans that i'm willing to do and put up, so in terms of content, my intervals of releases might not be as bad- i mean i need the distraction yknow haha
so don't FRET BOUT DAT

but otherwise um......... the only thing i ask is that people don't..... come hassle me for downloads maybe? or request stuff or ask for permission, and then get mad if i don't respond....... i apologise but that shit is like last priority in my mind right now haha

anyway thank y'all for listening idk this journal was a last minute thing i don't really know what else to say honestly 
but thank you to everyone who has shown me support (mostly on tumblr) and i really appreciate all your love and everything, it really means a lot and i will reply to everyone as soon as i am able to
for now i will cherish your kind messages and words because they're one of the only things that is able to carry me through this difficult moment right now

so thank you like....... seriously i can't word it properly online but,,,,,,, like........ i am just a really really sad person on the internet that hides behind this whole showy-good-positive jjinomu thingy and honestly despite that, i am really really thankful and grateful to have made this account and everything on this account and super super grateful for all you guys who have been following me as jjinomu (and even before as immaaweshumbanana if y'all are still in the crowd chillin') because i started this whole thing for fun not expecting much, but it's blossomed into somewhat of a place for me to be happy and just a good healer for my soul and i'm just very grateful for that and i just

thank you guys

life sucks but y'all make it better
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Huggle!  We will always support you
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aaaah shit i didnt see this until now-

but holy shit man, I'm really sorry for your loss. Losing a family member isn't easy in the slightest, I couldn't imagine what I would do if any of my brothers passed away like that. You have my deepest condolences. Take all the time you need to recover, don't worry about us- we'll be waiting for you when you get back. You're an awesome model maker and you definitely don't deserve to go through this--but stay strong! We completely understand your reasoning, and as I said, I couldn't imagine being in your shoes. But you WILL get through this, we believe in you!!

aCK im not good at comforting words fUCK-

but uh, this is from the memeist of memelords, xoriphena (also known as the oreo overlord)
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Your state is more important, we can wait you know, even how long it takes :3
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I hope you get through this, your happiness is more important !
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Just found it out after almost two weeks, but well my feeling are the same as they would have been if I had found it before. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I wish you to go through as good as you can. I definitely understand your thoughts since I felt the same when my brother passed away two years ago, even if I chose to keep it silent into the MMDC at this time. Take your time, all the time you want. This, here on DA or Tumblr, is your hobby, our hobby, let's enjoy it all together, but only when each of the MMDC wants to.
My best feelings to you and your family.
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we love you dude. take your time
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thanks so much man!! i really appreciate that lasdjaklsd
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Take as long of a hiatus as you need to. <3  
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thank you!!! dW my hiatus will still be super semi-like because i'll still be uploading so it's all gud ehehe but i am healin so don't u fret my pal <3
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*throws my shoe of healing at you*
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thank you so much!!!!
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uuh it really sad but i hope he had at least some nice moments, and had a loving family. I'm sorry for your lose, hope now he can rest in peace. Take your time, it may take a while but i hope you can move on and feel better soon.
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i hope he did as well!! thank you so much for your kind words, i can promise you that i'll be okay in the end, so thank you for understanding my need to recover in time, it means a lot to me thank you!!!
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Since words aren't really needed here.... I will just hug you to comfort you somehow though I know it's not enough.... Hug

May your brother rest in peace.
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ahh trust me!! it's more than enough that you're willing to comment some support and love, it really does ahh
but thank you so much for your kind words, i really am grateful!!
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Take all the time you need. Losing someone isn't easy and it especially isn't easy if they're close. I'm sure we can all wait for your replies and all when you feel ready. No pressure on you or anything, sweetheart. Do whatever you need to do to get through the pain. You have so much support any of us would be here if you needed. <3 Stay strong! Huggle! 
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thank you so much for your undesrtanding, i'm feeling a lot better than i was before, and i know that in more time i'll eventually be back and stronger than ever, that i can promise!!
but thank you so much ahhh please take care of yourself as well!! i am so grateful, you have no idea alksjdlakjsd
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Always take your time. We know that you'd come back, you just need a clear mind of things and it's really okay. <3  If you upload models, you do. If you feel like a break is needed I believe we can understand. I appreciate you commenting back. Take your time, sweetie.
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Eeegh, take all the time you need. La la la la Hug 
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ahhh thank you so much!! i will eheh
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