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hi im in the middle of class and im dead whats with all these noble-lookin lens and why is this the life i've chosen
models: jjinomu
copyright: crypton future media 
design: suzunosuke, hitoshizuku+yamasankakkei (song: game of love)
150P, hekicha (song: lost destination) 
mme: ikclut red (zera), hatoon2 (mfakane)
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How do you make models Jjinomu?

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Aww yeah! Len's looking so princely! Those outfits and hair are awesome!! And of course his face is Len-tastic as per usual! XD
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you're amazing Jjinomu <3 

you're the best 

i really love your models 

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Omg omg omg!!!! Those two Len(s) are from "Ren'ai Game" PV from Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△!!!! I'm falling in love with that song right at the moment >W<) !!!!
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i love the lens they are best bois
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*-* beautifull...
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oh wow cute models nicely done JJ
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they look so much like those kid in school that every loves BUT they want you ONLY....like wot mate why you choose me. Am i that special????

I AM TAKING ALL 3 OF YOU -///-    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
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i want all three of them to step on me simultaneously 
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I can feel the sass in the first one
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im shook all three models are so gorgeous omg
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The one on the left is like "2fancy4u"
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oh my lord that gorgeous ponytail--
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haven't saw the pv for now, but your works... GOD, you're amazing one! I really love it (even some models aren't for download for now)
and OMG your models are improved A LOT, thank you for your hard works~!
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aksjdlakjd thank you so much!!!!! i appreciate your kind words ;;;;;
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So pretty! You're so talented, i love your models!
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ahh thank you so much!!! im glad you like them!!!
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*DIES* OH MAH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD JINOMUUUU how you do them?? you're so talented! i love all of your models(even if they're not fow download! i still love them all!) ,and to be honest you're improved A LOT!! your models are actually unique in the MMD community! 
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aksdjalksdj thank you so much HAHAA that means a lot to me!!!! im so glad you think that thank you aww <3333 
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no problem! i'm just being honest! i loved your models since i got into mmd! <3
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