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[remake] fear garden rin

By Jjinomu
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edit: uhhhh soz i accidentally checked notified watchers for an old deviation so i'm trying to hide my mistakes by checking notify watchers for this one but this one had nothing changed either LOlasdklajskldjaksld

hi!!! it's been a while since i posted something that wasn't a download ha... ha.........
but anyway i chose to remake a suuuuper old and simple model from 2014 of mine for Pocky-Poison's mikumikupositivity remake project!!! 
  DL: Fear Garden Rin by Jjinomu

here's a lil close-up comparison of her face!!
[remake] face closeup!!! by Jjinomu

it's real cool to see my improvement over the years!! from a full model editor (using mainly sourced parts) to a full original modeller (making everything completely from scratch)!!! what an experience it's been hehe
(2014 fear garden rin) tda/nakao/muubu/zeze/onda/tehrainbowllama/jjinomu
(2018 fear garden rin) jjinomu only baby 👉👀👉
copyright: crypton future media (rin kagamine), chaa (song)
design: slept (author of the pv)
mme: ikclut red (zera), simplesoftshadow (ビームマンP)
Image size
2000x2500px 1.35 MB
© 2018 - 2021 Jjinomu
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are you guys gonna make the video as well? > v>

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this is so inspiring !
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you've come amazingly far, seeing the remake model next to the old one makes it show even more how much you've improved!
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oh this model is amazing
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rin looks so soft and beautiful in the remake i love it...
It's amazing to see how far you've come!!
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This is sooooooooooooooooooo wonderful and cute
Soooo much progress <33333

I hope you'll never give up >wwww<
Please , keep up doing your wonderful works <33333
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i love this so much! wish there's a downloadable fear garden Rin :')
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just look at those legs
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It's funny, I use to actually find this song creepy. Now I find it hilarious, it's just so goofy. 
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This gives me motivation *v* 
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Can't wait to see the finished Rin
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damn rin looking cute as hell good job!
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nah she's just a growing girl n eats a lot of nuggets 
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I want to dl her ;m;
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I miss u come back ;-;
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boops ur nose hello
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