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phat comparison

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2017  2019

and 2018 was the year this was done and i never actually finished any of these models in this style or touched these bases ever again ahah
pls tell me have i finally pulled away from any other model style and style influences that is not my own original yet because thats all i want in life now pls
copyright: crypton future media
mme: ikclut_red (edit by zera), hatoon2
ALSO, idk if its super noticable, but there are like faint lines? on my newer kaito model? it's been happening across most of my models as of recent (ever since i switched to a new build) and i was curious if this is an issue because of the metasequoia i have now (like export issues) or just my computer? or some other issue entirely??
sta.sh/01t3ocpqn29m for a lil closeup??????? (this is in MMD btw, in PMX it doesnt appear at all)
but ya if anyone knows what the heck this issue is please lemme kno bc its been happening to all my newer models (but not on my old tda edits or whatever) and im stumped
got a fix its all gud now thank u
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(Your model looks great and all but something about it just bothers me or feels off in my opinion...I wonder what that might be?...)
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pants: shit
Mind: Blown
Feeling: Proud
Hotel: Trivago
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That scarf looks comfy.
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you be like: [talented noises]
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;w; I really would like to be able to download V1/V3 Jjinomu's KAITO~ Your models look so amazing~~!
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It looks freaking original don't worry 
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beautiful!! the detail in the jacket?? ooooooff <3
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WOW!!! I love both of these, but your new Kaito is so different to any other Kaito model I've ever seen!!! :0 Man- I love the clean, distinctive shape of the new hair!!! So much!! And his eyes! They're so focused-looking and sharp!! And another thing-  I like the new body-style in terms of proportions, and most of all; your textures have become so detailed! :0

Thank you for sharing this progress with us! It's awesome to see! :D
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You've DEFINITELY pulled away from any other style
100% this looks like a fully original thing.
TDA? We don't know her
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hello look at this handsome boi being all snuggly in his scarf
he looks amazing i love him uwuwuwuwu

also ur style will always be jjinomu style it always has been tbh u have ur own subfolder in my mmd folder hehe
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AAA NOMU IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! You keep improving at such great strides, its crazy

im absolutely floored by the texture work on the new one, you made the clothes look so realistic and dynamic, your work with shading has gotten crazy good, just by looking at it I can practically imagine how the fabric would feel! And the hair, wow the hair, its absolutely gorgeous, the textures, the flow of each strand of hair, the placement of the hair shine, it looks amazing. And the face, I love how gentle and kind his eyes look, it fits kaito so perfectly

to be honest, I never thought that your models were heavily influenced by another model style. Your models have always been incredibly unique throughout all the style changes you’ve made. even your old tda edits have a very unique style that was completely different from the original tda. if people compare your style to something like tda, it’s probably just because you were a tda editor for so long. cause really I don’t see any similarities, especially with the faces, your faces have always been unlike any other model I can think of

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Looks amazing!! Fantastic work.
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The new Kaito looks so coze in that scarf.
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wow... it's... wow... there are no words to describe how cool it is.... It's beautiful... cool... abruptly... awesome.... wow....
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yaaas queen! this is jji style i'm talkin about! so bright i colorful, and that shading MMMMMMMMM
CLANNAD - Fuko Clapping just CLANNAD - Fuko Clapping right
you improved so much <3
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I love the faint lines, they're so cute!
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kaito looks like such a dork with that big scarf i love him
And honestly??? I really love the newer Kaito model!! He looks sooooo cool!! Especially the colors! They look so warm and nice!!
and he doesn't look anything like tda i promise you fam
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Maybe it could be your texture or the material order in PMX?
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turns out it was just an issue associated with my graphics card we good!!
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Yea I get those squares too in MMD.
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The problem with lines happen to newer graphics cards. It started happening after I got an upgrade and switched to GTX 1050Ti, and is super visible on models that have set double sides in their materials. Especially on bases which was making me furious why was that happening (I see it everywhere in Meta, PmxE and MMD but it's least visible in Meta). Me and my friend spent hours and days on trying to figure out the problem. Turns out all you can do is disable double-faces on materials that make those lines appear.
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