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kaito 2020

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hello!!!! its been a while since i've been active on DA, i know i've occasionally dropped stuff and vanished but i don't think i've actually ever explained my absence so i guess i will now AHAH
for the past few years i've been busy doing commission work over on twitter (nice plug) and i was occupied at uni (which i've graduated from now yahoo!!) of which both had eaten up a lot of my time.......

i never intentionally wanted to disappear off deviantart and i really didn't want to stop producing stuff for dA, it was just that i didn't have the time to be able to do any vocaloid-related content anymore that i was satisfied enough to show........ and also because i've been on deviantart for sooo long as a strictly vocaloid tda-editor, it felt weird if i started uploading the very non-vocaloid, original commission work i'd been creating as well- 

however now i've eased up on my workload, i have some personal time to work on some of my own voca models again so hopefully i can be a teeny bit more active now (i doubt i can stay true to my word but i'll try anyway)!! i hope uploading my original models is okay still and dw i'll keep it mainly vocaloid related here hehe my roots

anyway here's a holiday kaito i was working on for the past couple of months!! he looks different everytime i model him bc im never satisfied ;__;
and i guess here's the other kaitos i worked on in the past (fav.me/dd15d56) which r very bleh
i'm planning on working on meiko next (yes i am still 100% meichan enthuuuuusiast) so hopefully now that i've spoken it out loud, i'll make it happen HAHA

that being said..... wow..... deviantart changed lol............ what is this chat function all of a sudden alksjdalksd i hope everyone's been safe and well!! 
- shader "hatoon2 in file: トゥーン2" (seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im306…)
- filter "ikclut_red in file: チリペッパー"(seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im652…)
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He's so cute!

Also I'm doing well, just been sleeping a lot lol.

Nemery-Williams's avatar

oooh i was worried about you since you're one of the best MMD model makers! congratulations for graduating! :D

LeonMMD's avatar

omg he's so cute

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RadiantMnazaStudios's avatar

Welcome back!!!

OMG he's so handsome <3 <3 <3

NatsumeSakasaki's avatar

asasdasdsad thts so good tho!!

i think i've been watching you somewhat since you started ur vocaloid stuff way back then and its so cool to see how you went from tda edits tht still jar me to remember they're tda to original content as a whole! esp with the original stuff i've been seeing on ur twitter anyways and it gives me major motivation to wanna thrive to get as far as you did whenever i get the energy.

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whOOOO IM LATE BUT HEY I MISSED U even tho i follow u on twitter aljdkjh

look at him!! he looks amazing!! i love seeing how ur modelling has progressed omg

also feel free to post ur commissions here!! im sure a lot of people would love to see all the models u make!! we love ur work jjin <3

Lilura-Scarletwound's avatar

I've seen your work on Twitter and I love all the stuff you've commissioned! I hope I can commission you one day

KareimeSato's avatar

Honestly, Twitter is still confusing to me but from what I've seen you seem to do really good stuff, keep going qwq! I really love both the models and your style


no worries your original models are so good!!!

aspieprincess99's avatar
He looks so fashionable!
gallagher101's avatar

Welcome back!!! I love how you designed him! I cant wait to see more of your work!!!

SoleyDegan's avatar

kaito you gorgeous jerk

cosmaiik's avatar

Welcome back Jji!! I missed u! I'm...so proud of u??? I've only followed u since like...2016/2017 but since that date you've grown so much!! ur a big boy now asjkdfoa

But seriously, the effort you put into your models(voca or not)will always amaze and inspire me. I mean..I think for most ppl in the WMMDC you've been cited as a source of inspiration for their work. Very few people in this community have left that sort of impact here, and that's just crazy and wonderful to me!!

Anyways I'm gnna cut this short before I get too sappy wleijgfhwoiergu

Nice to see u around these here parts again, I can't wait to see what new stuff you've got in store for us!

<3, Maik

Grim-Izanagi's avatar

Ah yes, the goodest of boys.

ConceptScion's avatar

Heh-hey, welcome once again, jjinomu! I can't wait to see your new stuff in the long run!

P.S. I never figured out how to really make use of hatoon2 with all the pre-imaging/posing stuff you gotta do.

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wahu thank you!!! hopefully i can stay a little longer other than vanishing every so often 😢 i’m super excited to work on some new things so i’m glad you are as well hehehe

omg... i normally just load the effect on and call it a day HAHAH i don’t really do much else... i didn’t think you had to?? akshkssj 😭
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Welcome back!!!! I'm glad you're doing well, and this Kaito looks amazing!!!

Jjinomu's avatar
thank you!!! not sure how long i can keep up the activity but i’ll try 🤧 and thank you so much!! i’m glad you think so heeheh
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Holy shit you live!

And your model style has improved so much!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

Your kaitos give me so much life lol. Bless you for doing one of kaito's cutest modules 🙏
Jjinomu's avatar
YA!!! somehow i’m still alive!!! back on this eclipse deviantart mess WEH
but thank you so much!!! that means a lot.. hopefully i continue to improve waHOO
SmolSpoon's avatar

Yeah eclipse is a heckin' mess.

No problem! He looks so mature and masculine! Looking back at your fist tda kaito, you've seriously come so far!

Nintendraw's avatar

You've gotten so good! I love this!

Jjinomu's avatar
HAHA thank you!!! that means a lot i’m glad you like him 😢
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