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even phatter comparison uwu

By Jjinomu
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2015 → 2019 
and also 2018 where i just made bases and never touched again hehe
hi hewwo its been a while
heres a lil comparison pic from my first full original model to my latest full original model hehe (shes not fully rigged tho rip but i was excited)
i'm reeeally hoping to 100% try to finish this crypton set in this phresh new style (and that includes another kaito remake too rip) as a personal project for this year
pls giv me the strength to be active once more
copyright: crypton future media
mme: hatoon2
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Can I Have The New Model

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what base did you use?

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Where is the TDA v4 model DL for KAITO and MEIKO? qwq

I just want a full set of babes.

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noice biut you know wt? yr models doesnt even look tda anymore
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Hey uwu can you make me a model ? i dont find many people with Commissions

My Discord : ĐɆVł₦Ɇ฿ⱠɆ₴₴ł₦₲💔#8848

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1WXeDotn3j_NePahwMCryg?view_as=subscriber

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i can see the improvement, what program do you use to make models?
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Love that style!
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She's B E A U T I F U L!! Hope one day I'll be able to make great models like you do!
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I love your progress <3
FernandoNekoKawaii's avatar
i like her. so T H I C C 
i missed you uwu
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She's really pretty~

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Wow they're amazingHeart Clap 
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Wow!!! Your new style is amazing! This new Miku looks so full of personality and life! I hope you're enjoying working on your models and having fun making such awesome stuff!
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The first one looks cool. The one style like your vflower model is cool too. And this newest one is also cool aaaa i cant wait to look how everyone's looking after thiss
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how cool! I like how stylized the new one looks :>
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Her legs look too far apart, but otherwise is really cute!
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Both are  a w e s o m e, i want to make models like you one day ;w; )/
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Oh my GOD no words!! This is stunning!! God I hope to mocap with her one day 😍😍😍😍
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i really liked your bases but your style is so unique kelswkelwek i love it 
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Your new style is very funky. I love it. The colors, shading, and hair/eye style all stand out beautifully.
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You're very welcome!!!❤️😊, how are you?.

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