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dl: tda ia yuzuki and mayu

By Jjinomu
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haha hello isnt this completely out of the blue
it's been a while since i've ever touched a tda edit, much less put up a download but i felt bad for my old self for spending so much time on these girls without touching them ever again
so here they are yay!!! 
i'll quickly say that they're missing their headpieces and all i did was fix up physics and cleaned them up so aesthetically they havent changed in 2 years lol but- i'm no longer doing tda edits anymore and i just wanted to finalise them and release them as soon as i could- so pls forgive me for that!!

it's been almost two years since my last tda edits downloads and these will be probably the last ones ill ever put up so dont take this as a 'omg jjinomu tda editor is back' no i'm very sorry!! i've completely moved onto twitter and i'm now mostly just doing my own original modelling and commissions!!! perhaps i will drop by dA again with some of my new stuff but!!! we'll see!! surprise and happy new year!! hope this one is good for u all and thank u for still sticking around woowoo
credit: tda/jjinomu
mme: ikclut red (zera), hatoon2(mfakane)
© 2020 Jjinomu
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Gorgeous models

Also I understand

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The Beautiful Flying Of Butterflies

Used Here, Thanks!

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Hey there, Jjinomu. If you don't know me, I'm END--Harmony who is also xShiawase-chan. It's been a while since we last heard you, and I missed seeing your works.

I apologize that many of us in the MMDC had put you under pressure or didn't consider your thoughts and feelings of what you do. We were blinded by your wonderful talents that we didn't thought much of how you felt. Saying sorry on the behalf of those who hurt you won't mean much, and that's fine. Heck, it won't bring the joy you once had when you joined deviantART, and I don't feel annoyed by that. I don't mind of what you do, and I'm happy that you're happy of what you do in Twitter. That's enough for me to know that you're still here.

So, I hope, that one day, if ever felt in the mood of being in deviantART again, you would post some of your work here; it would make me and all of your supporters here in deviantART really happy.

No matter what, I will always support you to the very end. Kanon 2006 - Ayu Tear Up

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thank you so much for all your work on these models (both this set and all your edits), they're really pretty!! good luck on your original models, I'll make sure to follow you on Twitter too :'>

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I didn't expect you to come back with other TDA edits XD.
can't wait to see more models made by you 
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DL gives a 404 :(

EDIT: nvm got it now lol
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AAAAAA Jiji I love these three beauties, I'm so glad I didn't delete all of my notifications without checking, bc I never would've thought you would've posted these, I saw so many people beg you for them on Tumblr and how calm you were abt dealing with it all. You're such a sweetie and I love everything you make, I follow you on twitter so I've been able to keep up with everything you've made so far, I hope everything goes well for u!! :heart: 

edit : i used the yuzu here uwu  why do i do this to myself idk by Aoki-Chan12
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what a disappointment
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sad you think my future endeavours are disappointing but i've grown up and im having a good time so it doesnt even matter haha
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reality is often disappointing 
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aaaaa they're all so pretty! 
Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]  
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omg thanks you so much 4 put this beauties 4 download :( I was waiting for this. You're awesome! Im going to follow you on Twitter lol Because I created an account yesterday xd

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thanks nomu nomu <3

you're the best

i love you QwQ

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the physics r so pretty i am crying
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!!!!! goregous babies !!!!! ♥
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I love these models! When will there be a DL? :3
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thanks!!! but also this is the download haha just click the sidebar
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Your welcome!! Ohh ok!
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