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DL: Tda Vampire Slayers [happy halloween!!]

do not port or use these models in VRchat
HELLO IT IS ME AGAIN i'm quickly popping this up now and coming back to adjust the description and preview pic l8r because i need to HEAD OFF LSJDALK
i've yet to miss a halloween in the past three years so hERE I AM WITH ANOTHER HALLOWEEN GIFT bc i love halloween that much yeyeYEYEYE
originally, i didn't plan on making like 6 bloody model edits (i had a different gift in mind- which was only 2 lawl) but after everything that has happened, i thought i might as well
channel all my energy and distract myself with this project???? heckin YEAH 6 MODELS IN LIKE 3 DAYS Y'ALL i am beast-chan
anyway, my intial plan was to make some female vocas to compliment the male vocas that i had last year for halloween:
DL: Tda Vampire Vocas [HBD MAY + bonus halloween] by Jjinomu
(gross these bois need a mega update aslkdjlaksjd)
but i thought........ vampires............. again.............. two years in a row.................... how.......... unoriginal of me...............
so obviously i went with vampire slayers (totally original 100%) bc i need some bad ass ladies in my life am i RIGHT AM I RIGHT
so thus this set was born, just in time for them spoops!!!! 
i really love love this set, idk (luka's fashion doesn't make sense don't judge me) bc i did design them all and i got to make some cool new weapons i've never done before!!!
also EXTRA shout out to maydayfireball for helping me beta test and fix these models so i could get them done in time because i literally just finished them LKASJDLAKSJDkl
ALSO EXTRA EXTRA shout out to reiikuma for pumping me sum of dat CORE now i can have them gross thumbails hell YEAH (bless u thank u i didn't realise until like just now)
anyway i hope you guys enjoy your halloween and get lots of treats and maybe a trick here or there, but here is my treat to u guys for sticking around!!! i hope u like them hehehe
credit: tda/jjinomu
copyright: crypton future media (meiko, miku, rin, luka), internet co. ltd. (gumi), yamaha corporation (vy1 codename mizki)
design: jjinomu
mme: autoluminous4(そぼろ), ikclut red (zera), simplesoftshadow (ビームマンP), hatoon2(mfakane)
poses: crystallyna n ME YAY
+ rules---
download: to the right!!! (6 models included - warning hidden texture folder for just a cleaner presentation alskdjalskd so be sure to extract everything!!)
hmu if there are any issues and i'll try to get back to u asap but no promises since im currently still on hiatus, and am only briefly back for may's bday and halloween ehe,,
□ tumblr □ youtube □ twitter □ may&jjin's shared tumblr
hi if u see this im a lot more active on my tumblrshared tumblr and sometimes twitter so hmu there for a semi-quicker response!!
© 2017 - 2021 Jjinomu
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Wow there so pretty in all dresses 😍

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dl'ed! Rin looks the coolest!

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download not working

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Luka being so exposed makes me feel so uncomfortable. Still love them though! DLed

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dl thanks so much x3
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dl'd, also why not do witches next halloween
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OH MAN I was actually thinking of doing either witches or werewolves actually with some english vocaloids for my next halloween project which was supposed to be a secret HAHAHAHA i'm leaning towards more for werewolves this year because it's got more or a playful range- design wise, like i can have fun with it (and have a mix of male and female vocaloids) but if i do witches i might be limited and lean more towards the gals because they have more interesting fashion than wizards :(( though their fashion might be similar to this set with Big hats and long dresses yknow what i mean?? (but maybe next year i might do an utau witches set instead!!) 

i really wanted to do werewolves in 2020 (because full moon on halloween happens that year!!) but idk if i'll still be active at that point so HAHAHAH
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tehe, i'm pretty sure you'll still be active after 2 years and i'm only going to suggest a female vocaloid if you do anything for halloween, v flower. also i was wondering, what happend to the rpg horror models?
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gumi's outfit is the best
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Downloaded!! Thank you :) Your Rins are my favorite Rins. :)
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im honestly so glad the teenage characters dont have suggestive clothing i love u omg

but with that being said teenagers are the baaad these days
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FANTASTIC!!! <3 <3 <3
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Amazing models *0*
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Luka's outfit is the best Mr Bean Pervy Meme Medium 
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