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DL: Tda V Flower [2700 WATCHERS GIFT]

By Jjinomu
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IVE LEGIT UPDATED THIS MODEL 3 TIMES now she's matching her V4 counterpart how cool is that (not really cool at all but w/e i trIED)
idk man not much to say LELELE all ive changed is:
- edgeline
- option to turn off spa on skin
- different frills (u cant really tell the difference)
click here for v4 flower
a lil preview
shoes: nakao
facials: 3dcg/kuma (forgot to include this in the read me)
everything else: tda/jjinomu
□ refrain from editing unless the model remains as vflower
□ no bases of this model must be produced unless it is for personal use only
□ no r-18 or commercial use
□ refer to tda's term of use
□ credit when using: tda/jjinomu
download: mediafire 5.59mb
pls feel free to tell me if there are any problems/feedback!!
have fun my FRIENDSsSsssss
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Hi, i saw the dress on the model and i was wondering if I can use the model. Its ok if you say no but it is a very adorable dress and ill credit you on the model

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Tysm! Used her here (also used your Fukase)

[MMD] - School Uniform vFlower and Fukase (DL)
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*secretly declares this the best V Flower Model*
(Don't mind me, I love V Flower and get excited whenever I find a good one of them!)
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Yess!! I think she should have more models! Most of what I see are either private DLs or invalid/removed :(

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Wow Noice!
Thanks for sharing! Frog Emoji-51 (Peace sign) [V3] by Jerikuto
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Lindo anime buen trabajo  muchas gracias dl
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hi i just wanted you to know that i used your model in my trailer of my youtube channel here the like so you can see it
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gorgeous. Imma pick this flower
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the model's amazing, thanku ;w;
but.. is it just me or did somebody else also get a creepy red vflower along with this one when i dl'd? it wasn't/isn't in the same folder as the actual flower, so i might be completely mistaken; i'm just wondering
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i'm glad you think so!!! but oh man??? i don't think that's.......... supposed to happen??? i'd recommend deleting that creepy random edit or redownloading entirely........... because when i downloaded just then there wasn't anything like that...............
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np ;w;
the red one's file name is "v_flower_rev1.2_masisi" so it's obviously a masisi model.. not sure why it would come with yours though o_o;
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Kawaii *^* dl 
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dl'd thank you for sharing
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