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DL: Tda MEIKO [hbd 13th meiko!!!]

do not port or use these models in VRchat
hello jjinomu is back once again for a very very special day
and that is meIKO'S BDAY OBVIOUSLY (i am totally not 1 whole day late nooooooo)
BUT ANYWAY YEAH happy birthday meiko!!! 
2 years ago, on this same day i released this download for meiko's bday:
DL: Tda KAITO V3 and MEIKO V3 [dl down] by Jjinomu
and now two years later i'm dOING IT AGAIN (was actually supposed to release this last year on her bday oops) except with more better meikos and less kaitos bc FUK kaito (jks im sorry i love kaito too i just didn't finish his v3 version and this is meiko's day not kaito's so meiko deserves her own solo pack pls understand and if u comment where kaito i will stick my hand down my throat and pull my oesophagus out)

i played a lot with the expressions options for her v1 model, since there's only 2 models in this actual download, and v1 just has a bunch of alternate outfit sliders and options that you can interchange so i thought that might be pretty cool!!

hopefully y'all enjoy this new revamp of meiko bc i lov her and happy (late) 13th bday my queen luv u 
credit: tda/jjinomu
copyright: crypton future media
design: ixima (v3), wasshi/askkaimei's meiko design/the project diva (sega) design/the nendoroid design (v1 and alternative outfit designs)
mme: autoluminous4(そぼろ), ikclut red (zera), simplesoftshadow (ビームマンP), hatoon2(mfakane)
+ rules---
download: to the right!!! (2 models included - warning hidden texture folder for just a cleaner presentation alskdjalskd so be sure to extract everything!!)
hmu if there are any issues and i'll try to get back to u asap but no promises since im currently still on hiatus, and am only briefly back for may's bday and halloween ehe,,
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hi if u see this im a lot more active on my tumblrshared tumblr and sometimes twitter so hmu there for a semi-quicker response!!
tda crypton family:
DL: Tda Kagamine Rin and Len [5300 WATCHER'S GIFT] by Jjinomu DL: Tda Hatsune Miku [H(late)BD MEEKS] by Jjinomu DL: Tda Megurine Luka [H(late)BD LUKA!!!] by Jjinomu
before anyone asks, kaito is NOT included in this pack, he's only included in this preview picture because there was just empty space and i didn't know what to do with it so there's a lil teaser for 2k17 revamp of kaito wHO SHALL B RELEASED at a LATER DATE
pls don't ask or hassle me as to where he is???? iiiii swear to god????

oesophagus thing will happen
© 2017 - 2021 Jjinomu
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Is there a way to save one of the outfits as a separate Meiko model?

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We've got a bunch of sexy women here!Dl'd!Keep yr self safe from Corona virus/get well soon if yr infected.
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Is Kaito included in your list of women?

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Obviously. He is queen, duh!

VocaloidThalia's avatar

Nuh uh. He's the REAL barbie girl!

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dl thanks so much x3
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 DL'd! so pretty! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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Someone said it might be on his birthday unless it has already happened and jjinomu is probs busy. 
(never mind his birthday is in February or something)
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all the kaito models had been taken down from download,from what i've heard

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I love it so much!!! :D
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i cant wait for kaito to be released 
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And Kaito!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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Maybe you can release KAITO on his birthday.
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(wow im exactly a month late look @ me)
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Are you planning to do Maika or Big Al? (specially Maika, there arent many MMD models of her). I’d love to see them!
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This is amazing~ I think I'd die if you ever made Lily and CUL. You model work is perfect!~ :D (Big Grin) 
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im so glad u made this!!!! meiko barely gets any attention!!!
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Man, this is so perfect! Now i can do all my Meiko's ships list in MMD, like Meiko x Kaito, Meiko x Luka, Meiko x Meiko (wut), Meiko x Miku and Meiko x Me (wait, no)

Okay, now i stopped being a weirdo. Good model ^^
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