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DL: Tda Camui Gackpo

By Jjinomu
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do not port or use these models in VRchat
or kamui gakupo idk whatever floats ya boat
this is a scheddy post 
place ur bets how many times will i update this shitty download b4 i get sick of this model edit entirely
cool another tda edit and a bonus 5 min gackpo: alternative slick edition
50 face edit updates later and now i'm ok w his face
goodbye son ur time has come
be free my boi 
credit: tda/jjinomu
copyright: internet co., ltd.
design: kentaro miura (usual gackman), jjinomu (casual)
mme: autoluminous4(そぼろ), ikclut red (zera), hatoon2(mfakane), ssao(harigane),  hypershader (ビームマンP)
+ rules
preview by Jjinomu
download: to the right my malteasers (2 models included)
hmu if there are any issues and i'll try to get back to u asap but no promises since im pretty dead 
□ tumblr □ youtube □ twitter
hi if u see this im a lot more active on tumblr so please ask me stuff there for a semi-quicker response!! i'm also slowly descending into a hiatus so pls forgive me if i don't reply as quickly (hopefully i reply to everything on monday alskjdlsajda)
© 2017 - 2020 Jjinomu
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Dl'd, thank you very much, I love your models!

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Hello. I was wondering if I could use this model on VDraw from time to time. I will be sure to give you credit and link back here. If not that's okay. Would it then be okay if I study your model to help improve my 3D modeling skills ^^~

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dl'd,thank you so much for sharing~:3
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Wow Noice!
Thanks for sharing! Frog Emoji-51 (Peace sign) [V3] by Jerikuto
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So amazing! ^ ^DL'd! 
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Did you take down the download link? Will it be back up? If no, im willing to pay for him in the future -w-
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Now download is available again-

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Nice job, downloaded!
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dl thanks so much x3
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DL,thanks!It's so cool!
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Thank you!!!!!

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What are you doing to my heart, dear? DL!
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I really love your models >w< dl'd
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kamui** sorry
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his main model name is as it is based on his wikia!! he can go by kamui gakuto or camus gackpo as you see fit :))
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so i can't edit the model entirely but i can do minimal modifications like recolor?
i'm just gonna recolor the clothes black and his eyes red for a video if that's okay for you Jjinomu?
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