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DL: Tda Blessed Messiah [5000 WATCHER'S GIFT]

do not port or use these models in VRchat 
based off this wonderful song!!! congrats on 1M views hitoxyama i'm pretty sure i make up like 5K of those views bc i keep watching it for reference lbr
full title is supposed to be blessed messiah and the tower of ai but what can one do when there's a word limit
i come back when i have 5 days of core remaining so this is like my last scheduled post goodbye my precious practical tool u'll be missed
but yes hello i am back from the hiatus after my hiatus (well not really all i've been doing is focusing on this project rather than other stuff)
AND NOW they're done!!!!! and i think this is probably my largest??? model set???? and also probably my least-most favourite like i love/hate this set
BUT!!!!! i hit 5000 watchers during my exam period so i'm like way way waaaaay late to the party but THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!
thank you for 5000 WATCHERS?!?!?!??!????! ??? ???!? i still remember when i hit 750 and i posted a picture using oyabun miku
and it feels like yesterday???? when i had that amount? ? ? ?? ?? exponential growth of support????
i'm really grateful for everyone that enjoys my work and i appreciate all the support and kindness and feedback i get (esp during that odd rough patch i had a few days ago)
i hope you all stick around bc i hope to continue to improve with every post i upload!!!!!
and eventually i'll get back to actually modelling my own stuff rather than editing but that's a story for another day
BUT WELL YEAH thank you again!!! since these models won the poll, i thought i'd finalise them to like almost perfection (i gave up towards the end honestly)
and just release them???? all 10 of them
i got to experiment with more face editing and hair editing and clothes/textures/rigging in general!!!!! so it was a fun and tedious ride hehe
butbutbut i hope everyone enjoys them bc...... literally blood sweat and tears were shed not a bts reference i swear
and i don't think i would've finished this set if it weren't for maydayfireball's support and help so thank u my son
altogether i think they all took me like.... a little over 10 days to complete???? which is pretty rad (i mean it might've taken less if i had more determination but it worked out in the end amirite) 
but yeah idk what else to say so THANK YOU!!!!! for 5000 watchers pls have these 10 models!!!!!! and i hope they dont give u as much trouble as they did me rip me 
credits: tda, jjinomu
design: ひとしずく×やま△/鈴ノ助
effects: hypershader (ビームマンP), autoluminous4(そぼろ), hatoon2(mfakane)
+ rules
+ preview
download: dropbox 37.54mb | no_spa version
any comments (problems/feedback) are greatly appreciated!
sorry for the massive mASSIVE file i mean there's 10 models................... after all..............
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dl thx chuu for beeing awesome

GoddessOfOceans's avatar

I only JUST realized they all have matching jewelry, wow wtf.

these are perfect hhhh

artfulkuudere's avatar
Used Gumi here ^^:
cute models btw
Wolfalin's avatar

You are God! Exelent model!!! DL.

BubblezCh's avatar
can i take ai front hair for a model
3DMMDfan's avatar
Wow Noice!
Thanks for sharing! Frog Emoji-51 (Peace sign) [V3] by Jerikuto
ElloLov3's avatar
DL'D!~ i love the style of these models ^^
harumi2001's avatar
I know this sounds bad but I love your way to do the male bases. Could you please tell me where you get them or give me one? is that even if I try to edit the bases I end up damaging the model
gweenom's avatar
Heart I love!Heart  but above all gakupo, the style of hair I can not find anywhere ... and I need it for a model .. I would like to ask what hair you have used to do it or if you could pass it to me I just want the hair QwQ 
iimitan's avatar
Most favorite models!! Oh my Goodness ❤ DL'd!!
Anti-Drawer's avatar
All the models are white! Help??
Anti-Drawer's avatar
found out why.. no texture folder
CelticCapricorn9945's avatar
Dl'd, thank you so much for shearing :3
AliceDaemon's avatar
dl thanks so much x3
SunsetShimmer46413's avatar
The files are corrupted...Seamstress Miku will not open, and there is another issue with Meiko and Kaito both...
SunsetShimmer46413's avatar
Blessed Messiah??? Isn’t that kinda religious...?
Ah, well, that’s okay, the models are nice. ^^
ConceptScion's avatar
Dl'd, you're awesome, Double-J!
97yandereneko's avatar
SailorSeiraChan12's avatar
I have a problem with the models, when I open them all they are white and I do not know what happened ... I thought it was a mistake of the file and I downloaded them again but they are the same ...¿could you tell me what happened to the models?Yoosung Mystic Messenger 3 Yoosung Mystic Messenger 1 
blewbyboy's avatar
Try changing your system locale to Japanese.  This is more than usually the issue.  :3
SailorSeiraChan12's avatar
oh, thank you!! Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 
LookAtThisDude22's avatar
did you make the hair cloth EVERTHING IF YOU DID OMG YOUR AMAZING
Cup-BettAnn's avatar
I love you so much <3
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