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DL: Tda ARSLOID + anonkanon

By Jjinomu
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do not port or use these models in VRchat
tailcoat trio
who's ur fave from the three??? mine's anon hehe
credit: tda/jjinomu
copyright: yamaha corporation (anokano project) along with universal music japan/arsmagna (arsloid)
design: hakuri (anokano), arsmagna/akira kano (arsloid)
mme: autoluminous4(そぼろ), ikclut red (zera), simplesoftshadow (ビームマンP), hatoon2(mfakane)
refer to the readme for the rules!
preview by Jjinomu
download: to the right my not-seagulls-bc-fuck-seagulls (5 models included)
hmu if there are any issues and i'll try to get back to u asap but no promises since im pretty dead 
□ tumblr □ youtube □ twitter
hi if u see this im a lot more active on tumblr so hmu there for a semi-quicker response!! 
side note i'm going to be trying my best to work on all my remaining tda wips and release them here but i won't be starting anything new as i'm not sure what my plan is for the future of this account (i'll properly address this when i'm ready to talk about it so don't fret yet)
but for now i hope y'all stick around despite my hiatus and lack of activity and thank you so much if you are for doing so- i really appreciate that and i appreciate all the support and kindness i've been receiving as of late
once again i apologise for my lack of response, i do still read every message and i always feel happy doing so and come eventually i will reply to all of you so thank you again 
doing these downloads and staying here is something i really enjoy doing and i really want to keep releasing my edits/models because of how much nice feedback i get and it makes me feel super nice despite these- well
frantic times so as long as you guys are enjoy and understand my reasoning for when i put up these downloads in the lengthy intervals that i do now, that's all i need to continue and again thank you so much for all your concern, i'll be okay and everything will be fine- i'm going to take what i do on this account back as a  relaxing hobby rather than consider it as a chore and it'll all b gud ma duds
i hope i can continue doing the best that i can and i hope everyone is happy and feeling good!!
hopefully after next week is over, i'll have some breathing time to recover and come back here to do some house-cleaning and finalise my edit-projects and it should be all good 
if not keep me in ur memory alsjdalksjd
© 2017 - 2020 Jjinomu
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Wow Noice!
Thanks for sharing! Frog Emoji-51 (Peace sign) [V3] by Jerikuto
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Will you be doing Project 575 (Azuki and Matcha)?
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She's not doing models anymore

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kaomoji set 2 59/67 by megaman5000  muchas gracias por compartir dl 
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dl thank you so much x3
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dl'd, thanks for sharing
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*look at Anon & Kanon* I swear this is "How to become lesbian in 1 second" ;_; I just look at those sweeties and... omg so cute you did it great !
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I so happy that you made a Arsloid model! He's so underrated and to be honest, almost 75% of all models are Miku. I have nothing against her but I'd like other Vocaloid to have more models.
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I ' M  N O T  S C R E A M I N G  Y O U ' R E  S C R E A M I N G
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OH MY GOD THEY ALL LOOK SO GOOOOOD jjinomu how do you do this to my heart-
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MY BABIES AHHHHH they look so good ahhhhhhhh
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You should do IA or Maika 
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These are awesome... This is exactly why I +Watched! WOOP WOOP
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just when i start joking about anon and kanon being dead and forgotten, you do this... ! !!!!! god bless 
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i never thought of them as a trio??
but yes??
i never realized that they all three had the tailcoats and im in love
but they look amazing like wha a t

drink water and dont die plz we love youuuu :>>>>>>
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*O* OMG thanks my dream is so beautiful models
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They look so fucking graceful ;www; 

fellin blessed
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henlo!!!!!! so i have kinda discovered an issue with anon and kanon (beauties)
when you turn off the IK bones and try to move their leg bones/ thigh bones this happens :  Annie by Winter002
and the same thing happens when you try to move the second thigh bone : Kannie by Winter002   
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