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hello! i'm not as active anymore on deviantart as i used to be, hopefully i'll return one day but i'm a bit busy now... if you need to contact me, please feel free to DM me on instagram if it's urgent!! otherwise if your questions are as follows, you don't have to worry about contacting me!

- if you want to EDIT any of my Tda models, you are allowed to edit them as much as you like! please do not ask me for permission, i appreciate the sentiment but it is not necessary.

- if you want access to download my Tda Daina/Dex/Ruby set, please do not ask me for them, i won't be uploading them and i will ignore those requests

- if you want me to unlock my models (the ones that were locked before) for editing, please use google- there are methods to unlock them and it's pretty avaliable, you don't need to ask me for that either

- for my tda base distribution: fav.me/dcps854

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I know you're busy and probably wont say yes but I was wondering if you could retexture two character models

xC-SHobbyist Digital Artist

I know you're not using TDA anymore but I was wondering, it is okay to use your models as a base just to add them other outfits? For example making your Meiko model a base to add her other clothes, and if so, it is okay to re-distribute them?

LeoPandoraStudent Digital Artist

if you're looking for just a base -

that would be a good place to look!

xC-SHobbyist Digital Artist

Well, kind of, since I wanted to also edit the hair textures and re-distribute them but It seems Jinomu allows it so thanks!

MMD-kyu Artist

You have such lovely models, and it's amazing how many you've created!!!

Your models are so amazing!! I love them!

I don't want to ask for them, but... Why Daina/Dex/Ruby are down? Something happened?