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Hello, DeviantArt! Welcome to Wonderland! Everyone, sit down and have a cup of tea, for it is I, J.J. Hatter, Master of Mayhem, direct from the realm of FanFiction.Net! I will be posting some of my stories on this site, but I am primarily here as a "watcher," off to spread criticism and random favoriting wherever my journies take me. Beware! I may favorite you next... ;)

P.S.: My avatar is the work of another FF.Net author/artist, Sleeping-Forces'-Inside, better known here as Dragonlover1986. My thanks to her!

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Once Upon a Time (and its spinoff "In Wonderland"); Adventures in Wonderland; Dexter; Batman: The Animated Series; Sherlock/Elementary; Dr. Who
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Please see "Favorite Visual Artist."
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Lewis Carroll's "Alice" stories (and "Hunting of the Snark") and many derivative/connected works; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Kingdom Keepers series; The Railway Series
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Edgar Allan Poe; Charles Dickens; Dr. Seuss; Ridley Pearson; Robert Louis Stevenson
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Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland: The Video Game; Kingdom Hearts series; American McGee's Alice series; Batman: Arkham Asylum series; Star Wars: Battlefront II
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As a writer, "The pen is mightier than the sword."
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Conquering Wonderland, Acting, Film, Animation, and Travelling
Exactly what the title says. All three of my Holmes character lists - Sherlock, Watson, and Moriarty - have been updated. And not a single one was removed or put back up. If you want to see what changed, help yourself! I'll probably be updating my MCU Villains list shortly.
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A while back, I did some lists related to some of the Sherlock Holmes characters: Holmes himself, Dr. Watson, and Professor Moriarty. I will be updating at least two of these three lists in the future, and one of them - specifically the one for Holmes - MIGHT be deleted and then replaced with a new version in the future. Maybe. I'm not sure yet. I may just update it as it is. A couple of interpretations I was recently introduced to inspired me to make some changes. This is all.
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I will no longer be posting any more chapters of "Kingdom Hearts: The Uncertainty Principle" to DeviantArt. There are two reasons for this. One is that it's actually quite inconvenient to format things here on DA; it takes me a while to get chapters ready here to read. It was the same way with "Batman: The Lady in Red," but that story wasn't as long as this one, in every way. The other reason is that it doesn't seem like anybody's really reading it here, anyway, so I figure it's not worth all that headache to get it here. Especially since the story is on other sites. Yep. I haven't just been uploading the story here, but to a couple of other places. They're much easier to format, and while the following is still slow, it is picking up some speed in both places, while here it seems nonexistent. So, for those of you - if any - who legitimately care about the story and want to read more, you can find it at either of the two links below. Thank you all, I apologize for any
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are you still continuing analysis in wonderland?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is: yes, but every time I think I'm ready to finally, FINALLY work on the next episode, something steps in and gets in my way. I WILL be continuing the series, but I really can't say when. I'm sorry to you and anyone else who has been waiting. It will return.

Sincerely yours,


Are you gonna do your top 12 favorite Nickelodeon shows? :)

Probably not. But it's a good suggestion, so I'll keep it in mind if the inspiration ever strikes. :)

Sincerely yours,


I heard your recent work on the newest installment of Arkham Patient Sessions. Once again, you’ve demonstrated a great gift for voice work, especially for a character as under-appreciated as Jervis Tetch.

Hi JJHatter! It's been quite awhile! Are you still considering doing a Top 10 As Animated Damsels In Distress list? I know I had asked about that awhile back.

I might. No promises. It's a fun idea, it's just tough, and I have a looooot of lists on the backburner.

Sincerely yours,