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June 30, 2009
Shining Moon, Mystic Island by =JJCheddar77 "is a great wallpaper, the detail in this piece is superb and really shows off her talent with Photoshop. I am very impressed and using this myself now.'
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Shining Moon, Mystic Island



Shining Moon of the Mystic Island

Click Download for the 1600x1200 wallpaper.

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Enjoy. :)
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this won me over as a beautiful scene i wish i could actually experience. i love it, and use it. but this is a crit, so here we go.

i think all of the elements of this come together well, except for the stars. the stars are heartbreaking. they just end too abruptly. i'm not saying that stars always extend to the horizon, because they don't (especially in today's world) but the way they "wrap" around the moon is cumbersome to me. i can clearly see the intent was not to disturb the moon or the glow, but that could have easily been done with stars either less bright (to make the layer cutoff not so obvious) or simply hand-made stars placed yourself. they follow the outer contour of the moon closely enough to look extremely deliberate.

the moon could also look a little more spherical than a flat crescent, but that would be easy to let go without the other star problem in the sky. it would've made it seem more a style move to me than a critical concern.

the water and flora however, especially the island concept, all came together extremely well and in that aspect i think this is a swish. i'll enjoy looking at it.